Calling All Adventurers

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Gaming is a beautiful thing. It allows us to temporarily forget about the problems we are experiencing, connect with our friends and families, and go on adventures we would not normally be able to go on. From diplomatically ending the war that has been waging for years between the crown and the rebels, to simply catching a drink at the local tavern waiting for your next epic journey to begin, role playing brings us a distraction from what was, what is, and what can be.


We at Wyrmwood love role playing, many of us have a weekly or biweekly game we play in. Role playing is the basis of the company, and inspires us every day. It inspired the Dice Vault, our crowning product and its Kickstarter which started the company on the path to where we are now.  The Magnetic Dice Tower, our solution to the hassle solid body towers bring in transport brought. All the way up until our most recent product introduced, the modular Game Master Screen, designed to help the DM pre-plan moves, keep track of everything, and keep the secrets safe until they are ready to be unveiled.


In anticipation for our upcoming Kickstarter we have started a contest – post a photo of your character’s miniature and you enter a chance for your character to venture to the land of Wyrmwood. The miniatures chosen will be used in photography for the Kickstarter and sent back as soon as we have the photos – along with presents as a ‘thank you’ for allowing us to borrow their alternative identities.


This is becoming way more than we thought it would however – small descriptions have been included with a majority of the miniature photos, with levels of detail from the characters name to brief backstory, to details of the campaign the character was going to be featured in. Allowing us to see into each character’s life, allowing us at your table in this smallest form is a wonderful thing. Best of luck to everyone entering the contest, we look forward to unveiling the Kickstarter!