Corrupted Tarot

By Wyrmwood

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Corrupted Tarot Deck

The Corrupted Tarot Deck is the third volume in our Halloween-themed Collection sharing the same name.

With earlier installments of the Corrupted Collection, we’ve featured some incredible work from artists like Crystal Sully and Frank Frazetta. This project aimed higher by calling together over 70 artists to creatively interpret each card with a dark twist.

Our Corrupted Tarot features
 22 Major Arcana cards
which represent life’s karmic and
spiritual lessons along with
50 Minor Arcana cards
which reflect the trials and tribulations that we experience on a daily basis.

Corrupted Tarot Major & Minor Arcana
Corrupted Tarot 14th Century Tarocchi

Tarot has a rich history that dates back hundreds of years. What began as the leisurely game of Tarocchi in 14th Century Europe evolved to encompass elements of French occultism, Egyptian lore, and mystic Hebrew Tradition. From knights gambling, to creating a narrative, to collecting the art, to seeing your future – the Tarot can be used in many ways!

Corrupted Tarot Deck by Wyrmwood

Tarot is a varied and nuanced art form meant to delight and inspire.
We hope the spirit of this collaboration will inspire you
as you embark on The Fool’s Journey.

  • Corrupted Tarot Deck – Standard

  • Corrupted Tarot Deck – Luxury Edition

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