Wyrmwood, like nearly everyone, has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This page will serve as the hub for information about COVID-19 as it pertains to our company, employees and customers, as well as what we’re doing in response to it.

Shipping Times & Inventory Status

Items marked as In stock should ship within one week, with the exception of the Homebrew Collection, which should ship within 4-6 weeks, as noted on the product pages.

Items marked as available for backorder will ship as soon as possible. Please see below for more information.

Wyrm Lyfe & Twitch

As always, we’ll be documenting all things Wyrmwood with our YouTube series, Wyrm Lyfe, with the current season covering Wyrmwood’s journey navigating the pandemic – in real time. New episodes twice a week, every Wednesday and Sunday. We also stream on Twitch! Check us out there, Monday – Thursday starting at 7pm Eastern time, and Friday starting at noon.

Products and Offerings

About Backordered Items – As a result of COVID-19 and our reduced staff (see Wyrm Lyfe above or our full statement below), our production capacity is significantly diminished at this time. We are working to build and ship all we can, and exploring alternative options such as the Homebrew Collection (detailed below), but our inventory is very limited.

As a result, we are opening up the website to backorders. Please note that if you order a backordered item, you should be prepared for a minimum wait of 6-8 weeks for your order. Further, this period could extend longer as a result of the ongoing restrictions we face as a result of the pandemic. We will get our full staff back as soon as possible, and heavily ramp up our production to fill all of these orders the moment we can, and not stop until each and every one has been filled. However, the fact remains that the arrival of that moment is not something we can control or predict, any more than anyone else. We thank you for your support and understanding in this unprecedented time.

A Note on the Homebrew Collection and COVID-19 Relief

The response to the Homebrew Collection has been overwhelming, and we have stopped accepting new orders as of Monday, May 4th. This will allow the craftsmen at home to finish the existing backlog before they return to the workshop, which will hopefully occur gradually over the coming weeks and months, in accordance with safety and health guidelines.

Proceeds from the Shield of Protection and direct donations allowed us to distribute over 150 acrylic intubation shields to any and all who asked, free of charge. Demand has greatly decreased, so we’re suspending the accepting of donations at this time. Thank you for your support and assistance!

Homebrew Collection no longer available, see above – The Homebrew Collection features items made by craftsmen who are no longer working in the Wyrmwood shop due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Each piece was crafted in a Wyrmwood employee’s home shop, then brought back to Wyrmwood for packing and shipping, with no physical contact between parties.

Shield of Protection no longer available, see above – Each Homebrew Collection Shield is crafted by one of our craftsmen in their home, and made from a random wood of Wyrmwood. A portion of each sale will be diverted to fund COVID-19 relief efforts.

Donate to Wyrmwood COVID-19 Relief Efforts (Intubation Shield) no longer available, see above – Wyrmwood is working to create shields for doctors, nurses, EMTs, firefighters and other healthcare professionals to safely intubate patients without risking pathogen exposure any more than necessary. These shields, designed by a Chinese doctor, are available on request to any of the above individuals. The production and shipping of these shields will be financed through the funds raised from sales of our Shield of Protection.

Important Notes concerning Intubation Shields

  • If you have the capability, you can make the Shield yourself. The files we use to produce them are available for download: click here for the three .AI files in a .Zip archive. We use 1/8″ acrylic and Weldon 3 for adhesive.
  • The original design and measurements are available here. If you have the resources and materials available, we encourage you to produce your own.
  • We’re beginning to make these immediately, but supplies will be extremely limited, at least at first.
  • This offer is intended for individual healthcare workers – NOT bulk orders from hospitals or other agencies. We can arrange those orders, but that is outside the scope of this offer. The first step is to get some of these out in the world and in the hands of professionals who are on the front lines. We can get feedback, refine if needed, and they can make sure this is something they want before we start trying to crank out large numbers.
  • We will be able to produce these in our shop. We will continue to observe the safest practices we can, but this is obviously an essential manufacturing project, and we’ll do what we can to make as many as we can.
  • Anyone requesting one needs to send us their name, profession, and mailing address via email. Please attach an image of a work ID verifying you are a trained healthcare professional – we need these to go where they’re needed, in the hands of people that can make use of them properly.

To request a shield, email your name, profession, and a photo of your work ID/credentials to COVID@WyrmwoodGaming.com.

Please pass these details on to anyone you know in the healthcare field that may be interested.

Initial Wyrmwood Statement Regarding COVID-19

To our valued clients, backers, customers, fans, and community:

As you’re all aware, the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is spreading, and has had an effect on everyday life for nearly everyone. We at Wyrmwood are no exception, and have been working hard to chart a course through these uncertain times, both as a company, and as a family of passionate gamers that work and interact closely together.

As a company, we have a responsibility to ourselves, our employees and our community to take all the precautions we can to avoid spreading the disease ourselves. But at this time, many of us are turning to the gaming community for normalcy and comfort – even if we’re changing how we come together, we’re still coming together. Wyrmwood feels a responsibility to continue our role in this community as much as possible.


Wyrmwood will continue to operate as much as possible, for as long as possible, while prioritizing the safety of our team and community.


Wyrmwood will be operating with essential personnel only. This will consist of approximately 15 people, working at the main facility which usually houses our full team of 65. In addition, we will implement expanded safety measures which include social distancing within the workplace, a ban on shared work spaces and tools, and the shutdown of common areas like the break room.

Operations such as shipping, new product development, work on furniture and some accessory production will take place at the shop.

We’re also implementing decentralized production techniques, which will include production for some accessories taking place away from the main facility, in employees’ homes. Batches of products will be delivered on a weekly basis, employees will advance them or complete them entirely, then they’ll be picked up and brought back to the shop for packaging and shipping – without physical interaction between the parties.

As stated above, development and planning continues for new projects, such as our upcoming Kickstarter campaign, and this work will move forward – albeit with possibly modified production deadlines given the current situation.

No matter what occurs, you can expect to hear a lot more about it through WYRM LYFE and our Twitch channel, both of which will continue full operation. Our community has never been more important than it is right now, and we hope you’ll continue to join us as we all navigate this situation together.


No doubt you’re wondering how all of this will impact you. Well, that depends on whether you’re a website customer, furniture client or Kickstarter backer.

Website Customers

Customers placing orders of in-stock items at WyrmwoodGaming.com will feel the least impact from these changes. Our website inventory reflects completed, ready-to-ship merchandise, and shipping will continue for these items. We will continue to produce items and keep the inventory up-to-date, and ship out orders daily.

Shipping and customer service will both continue, although some slight delays in both are possible, given our scaled back workforce, so please bear with us if it takes a little longer to get a response or a shipping notification than you’re used to – it will come. We promise.

Kickstarter Backers

Our current fulfillment is on track, and we are not expecting an issue shipping out the remainder of the March orders on time for both the Tabletop Tiles and Hero Vault 2.0 campaigns. We will continue to ship out completed items in April, as well.

That said, we do anticipate some delays with April fulfillment. These are not guaranteed, but we would say they are likely given the circumstances, so please be prepared for that if you’re in the April fulfillment wave for either currently fulfilling campaign.

The Corrupted Collection, which begins fulfillment this summer, should not be affected and we do not anticipate any delays in fulfillment for backers at this time.

We would like to again highlight our Kickstarter fulfillment policy, as outlined in campaign updates to all current campaigns:

Any backer with a Kickstarter order that is shipped out later than the target fulfillment month will receive a $25 digital Gyft Certificate good for use on any available item at WyrmwoodGaming.com.

Furniture Clients

Shipping of furniture is being suspended, effective immediately. The white glove delivery services we employ are becoming extremely limited, if available at all, and continuing to ship out furniture that causes delivery personnel to enter into homes and risk contracting and/or spreading the disease seems irresponsible at best. In addition, this option is no longer even available in many areas, either by carrier decision or government mandate. While we could explore alternatives, such as curbside delivery, that, too, may be unavailable. It’s also not practical in many cases, and we’d much rather see the job done right a bit later than risk a bad experience for our valued clients.

As we complete tables, we’ll be storing them at our facility until such time as shipping can resume. This will avoid them being warehoused in some other facility, or sitting in a truck that’s been shut down for reasons out of our control. However, shipping will resume as soon as possible, and we will notify everyone when this occurs.

Production is continuing on any table currently in progress – meaning for which construction has begun. We intend to keep working on all of these tables until they are 100% done, at which time we will issue final invoices for those pieces. We will not issue shipping invoices, of course, since we always obtain a quote just prior to shipping for accuracy.

We will not prompt any other tables for additional payment at this time. That is, we won’t issue any “time to decide” messages or move anyone to “on hold” for not paying according to the normal schedule. However, any client that wishes to place their finalization order is free to do so, and we are continuing to accept new deposits and maintain the queue so we can pick up where we left off as soon as full-scale production can resume.


Part of what makes this situation so difficult is that it strikes at something important to all of us – our sense of community, our ability to get together around the table and share our lives, or celebrate together at a convention. We can’t do much of that right now, and it hurts.

A quote has been making the rounds a lot lately, and it’s one most of you probably know well:

“I wish it need not have happened in my time,” said Frodo. “So do I,” said Gandalf, “and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

We may not be able to gather in the same place right now, but we’re all going through the same things, and we are – all of us – in this together. So we hope you’ll continue to join us on Twitch, and continue to interact with us and with each other through our YouTube and social media channels. We’re all going to get through this, and we’ll come back, stronger than before. And we’ll do it together.

Here at Wyrmwood, we’re going to keep moving forward, keep shipping orders, keep developing new ideas and products to make your game nights better – just like our upcoming custom dice Kickstarter, which we’ll be launching soon. Because there are a lot of game nights for all of us ahead, and soon enough, you’ll all be back at the table. And as always, Wyrmwood will be honored to be there with you.

Douglas Costello, Ian Costello, Ed Maranville, Jason MacDonald, Bobby Downey, John Paquette, J Kenyon, Nick Trepanier, Christopher Gates & the entire Wyrmwood family

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