In our Custom Workshop any idea can be brought to life. From woods beyond our Core 16, to enhancing our standard offerings with engravings, to a one of a kind design, this is the place to create something truly unique.


Here, journey with us in pursuit of your vision, and together bring it to your game table. We will work with your ideas, and find the best way to create the form and function you are looking for. The only limits are the budget we are presented with. That limitation helps us focus on the techniques and materials that are possible. We will create the finest piece your budget allows for. Creating something totally unique is a joy for both craftsman and client. We hope you choose to experience it.


Below are some of the many ways that we have created the perfect piece for our clients, though we are not limited to these techniques alone. If you have a vision that goes beyond the scope of what we have here, e-mail us. We thrive on the challenge of meeting – and exceeding – expectations, and we look forward to working with you to make your concept a reality.




Wood Selection

While we offer 16 woods year round, we have worked with hundreds of species over the years to bring our clients visions to life. Commissions with woods outside our Core 16 begin at adding $50 and vary by rarity. Click here for our Custom Woods. Your favorite wood not listed? E-mail us at Custom@WyrmwoodGaming and we’ll find it for you.


Text Engraving

Ranging from a subtle dedication to bold declarations, this is the go to method for any message. Carving into the wood with our high-powered laser works best with fine grained woods, such as Cherry and Bolivian Rosewood. Text engravings begin at $50.


Image Engravings

From Celtic Knotwork to family crests to your own original art, images can be engraved on any of our products to stunning effect. Adding a new dimension to wood or oiled leather, image engravings begin at $100.



Inlaid woods are a beautiful way to add contrast and visual interest to your custom piece. Ranging from simple panels, to trimmed banding to complex designs, marquetry is a timeless technique with endless possibilities. Marquetry begins at $50 and varies by complexity and woods used.


Other inlaid materials

We can inlay any materials into your piece. From crushed stone to powdered metals to silver or gold stringing, non-wood inlays can create effects ranging from a striking contrast to a subtle highlight. Inlaid materials begin at adding $100.


Totally unique designs

We can go beyond enhancing a piece from our existing catalog, and into totally unique designs. From custom chess boards to gaming tables, and everything in between. If you can dream it, we can build it. Varies by complexity of design. Average custom commissions of unique designs range from $750 to $3500.