December 1st Update

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Welcome to our first regularly scheduled, bi-monthly update! As the last update came less than two weeks ago, this one will be fairly brief, but the intent of these updates is to keep up steady, reliable communication, not just inform you when we have major news. So, let’s dive in:

Order Finalization & Payment Process

We have nothing new to announce on this front just yet, though work is proceeding. We’ve mapped out what the process should look like. The next phase is to begin building it out on the website, verify the functionality, and make sure our planned flow will work as intended. Once we have some of the pieces in place and can confirm that our planned process will work without any technical issues, we’ll be able to share it. But doing so now would be premature and lead to possible confusion down the road, so let’s wait on this a bit longer.

Project Progress & Development

  • Last time, we talked about development on the cubby construction process. In the intervening days, we’ve received the prototype hardware we discussed! The hardware looks great, but it will take a bit of time for us to put it through its paces, so expect more details on this possibly in the next update, or possibly the January update.
  • This week, we are due to receive the only major machinery that we anticipate needing for the Modular Desk project: our finger jointer! Finger jointing is the process of stitching together pieces of solid wood into a surface, as seen on the Modular Desk desktops and panels. There are many advantages to finger jointing; it’s more stable, greatly cuts down on wood waste, and creates a unique aesthetic, as well. We’ll receive the machine and give it a test drive. In the past, manufacturers have impacted our plans and production with delays on deliveries of key machinery, so having this hurdle removed for the Modular Desk is a welcome development!
  • See some examples of finger jointing below:

Rustic Walnut cubby
Wenge desktop
Padauk desktop and accessories
Cherry drawer

PC Mount & Custom Frames

Last time, we spoke about the PC Mount accessory, as well as the custom sit/stand frames we were having manufactured. We don’t have finalized pricing on the PC Mount yet to share, as we’re still getting details on packaging and full landed costs. As soon as we can finalize it, however, I’ll share it with you here.

Similarly, the frames are still in progress, but once they arrive we’ll show you the results, and perform some highly anticipated stress and weight tests to put it through its paces!

More to Come!

That’s all for this edition, but there’s always more to come. I’ll be back on the 15th to let you know the latest. Until then, thank you all, from the 1st Modular Desk backer on Kickstarter to the most recent customer to place a deposit on our website. We appreciate your support, and can’t wait to get you the desk of your dreams.

We’ll be in touch!

~ Ed Maranville, VP Crowdfunding Fulfillment for Wyrmwood