Dice Tower Lottery – It’s Finally Here!

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Since we offered our first lottery in 2015, we’ve had countless people request a chance at a Dice Tower Lottery. The wait is over! Our Dice Tower Lottery entails our Complete System – which includes: a Magnetic Dice Tower, a Personal Dice Tray, a Dice Vault & a leather carrying strap. For $300, you have a chance to receive a Complete System in ANY of the woods in our Core 16. To make your System one of a kind, you will receive a text engraving on each product. Whether you engrave a character’s name, your adventuring party or your favorite quote – there will be no Complete System like yours!

We love implementing our lotteries. Seeing posts of people excited beyond belief because they received their favorite wood, seeing the unique engravings that come through, or simply hearing of someone happy because they would not normally be able to afford Flame Box Elder brings joy to us every time. 


The Magnetic Dice Tower – our solution to the hassle of carrying around a solid body Dice Tower. Able to be completely taken apart for travel and reformed with ease once you reach your destination, this quickly became one of our most complex and innovative products still to this day. Two interior wooden ramps called baffles sit inside, allowing multiple points of contact to insure random rolls every time. The Dice Tower was Kickstarted in 2015, and further expanded the company. 


    The Dice Vault – handcrafted to fit 10 polyhedral dice with a magnetic closure. Ed Maranville and Douglas Costello launched a Kickstarter for the dice vault in 2013 and it become so much bigger than they anticipated, allowing the company to grow and expand far beyond their initial thoughts.


The Personal Dice Tray was crafted to be a partner piece to the Dice Tower – not only does the tray have a cutout to allow the tower ramp to nestle into it, but the tower will collapse perfectly into the personal tray along with the dice vault.