April is a month to reflect on the value of nature and the earth, and as such, this year Wyrmwood is once again partnering with One Tree Planted to give back.



From our statement on Wood Sourcing Ethics:

We love trees at Wyrmwood. It is the material our craftsmen shape and work with their hands every day. When you have an intimate relationship with your craft, as we do at Wyrmwood, you really care. A craftsman can have a very emotional relationship with the materials they work with day in and day out. Douglas Costello, who is one of our Master Craftsmen and one of the founders of Wyrmwood, has actually gone so far as to name two of his children after trees (Linden and Juniper). So, while it is very difficult to communicate to a non-craftsman the emotional resonance we feel towards trees, you should know it is there, and it is real. Wyrmwood cares about forests.

But there are other reasons to care about forests. Chief among them are environmental concerns. When you are purchasing your heirloom gaming supplies from Wyrmwood, you aren’t purchasing a cheaply assembled and disposable pile of plastic; you are purchasing a natural, wooden object built by dedicated craftsmen, that was meant to be handed down to your children. What we build, we build to last. Forests convert greenhouse gases to oxygen, purify water, support animal habitats, and, at least in our opinion, are beautiful.

Without forests, without trees, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. This is why Wyrmwood is unequivocally committed to preserving forests across the world.



In 2018, we offered a commemorative Hero Vault featuring the One Tree Planted logo.  From each purchase of this item, a donation was made to plant five trees, ultimately resulting in 2,100 new trees being planted around the world!

Thanks to your efforts last year, we were able to plant 2,100 trees with contributions in 2018. What will we be able to accomplish this year?


For 2019, we’re making it even more direct:

Using your phone, simply text ‘Wyrmwood’ to 707070 to make a donation, which Wyrmwood will match.  In addition, these donations will enter you into a raffle to win a Magnetic Dice Tower Complete System adorned with the One Tree Planted Logo.



So text ‘Wyrmwood’ to 707070 now, and help get the word out.  Together, we can make a difference, one tree at a time.