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General Questions

Current Promotions

What is “Roll The Dice”?

Roll The Dice Promotions are your chance to own our finest woods at a modest price. The woods are randomly chosen, but no matter what you receive – every roll is a win. When you purchase one of these offers, you’re getting a Wyrmwood piece at a price, guaranteed, and “rolling the dice” on your wood selection. However, we always price these items so that they’re a great value, and there’s no way to lose – unless of course you miss out on the offer!

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What material is on the play surface?

The material we offer is a padded, synthetic microfiber, offering a luxurious suede texture and look while remaining durable and stain repellent.   This is great for general gaming use, but Wyrmwood Gaming Tables include a reversible play surface, so you’ll always have solid hardwood as an option, as well.

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Are there other sizes of table?  What about a bar height model?

The Prophecy is our flagship model, a generously proportioned table for 6-10, while the Sojourn is a more traditional dining table size, designed for 4-8.  In addition, we can offer custom size options on the Sojourn Gaming Table, if neither of these configurations sounds quite right.  In addition, we’ll be continuing to expand our line in the future: you can ensure you don’t miss out on any news by subscribing to our mailing list and following us on Facebook – we promise we’ll keep you in the loop.

As far as bar seating – we can increase the length of the legs to raise the tables, if desired.  We can also decrease the length, for those that prefer floor seating.  Contact us to learn more about customizations.

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Dice Vault

I have non-standard dice. Will they fit in a Dice Vault?

The Dice Vault was designed to accommodate approximately 10 standard, 16mm size gaming dice.  These are the most commonly sold and used dice for role playing games and board games in general, and come in the widest variety of colors and finishes.  However, it can also hold 19mm d6 dice, such as casino dice, comfortably, though you will may need to remove one layer of the included foam insert.  Lastly, it can hold two rows of mini d6 dice (12mm) with the foam removed, for a total of up to 52 dice in a single Dice Vault!

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Tabletop & Personal Dice Tray

What’s the difference between the Tabletop and Personal Dice Tray?

The Tabletop Dice Tray is a perfect tray to share with the whole group, at the center of the table. It’s got a larger rolling area, and a storage tray perfect for not-in-use dice, counters or chits, and of course our Dice Vault.

The Personal Dice Tray, on the other hand, is great for tables or areas with limited space; one of our favorite places to use one is behind a DM screen. It’s about half the rolling surface, but with higher walls, and is overall more portable than the tabletop tray.

Both of these products are crafted to work perfectly with our Magnetic Dice Towers.

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Will my Dice Vault fit inside my Dice Tray?

Yes… almost as if it were designed to do just that. What a lucky coincidence!

In the Personal Dice Tray, a Vault can be stored lengthwise (and up to three can fit in a single tray if stored on their side), while in the Tabletop Dice Tray, the storage area is sized to fit a Dice Vault perfectly.

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What material is on the rolling surface?  How do I maintain it?

Our rolling surfaces are crafted using a stone oiled water buffalo leather – not only is it incredibly durable itself but it also adds a nice cushion to your rolls. It is easy to maintain, and easy to restore to a like-new condition via Bick-4 or other similar leather conditioners, which are available here.

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What’s the cutout on the Personal Dice Tray for?

The cutout on the Personal Dice Tray is designed to accommodate the end of the ramp from our Magnetic Dice Tower. The two products were designed together to function as a whole. Along with the Dice Vault, they form the Wyrmwood Magnetic Dice Tower System.

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I use heavy/metal/sharp-edged dice. Will oiled leather stand up to these?

Oiled leather is a very durable rolling surface, and will be able to handle any dice you can throw at it. Paired with that, all of our products are designed and crafted to last, and backed by our Craftsman’s Promise.

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Magnetic Dice Tower System

What is the Wyrmwood Magnetic Dice Tower System?

The System consists of three parts: The Dice Vault, a Dice Tray and the Dice Tower. These components are all designed to complement each other. The Dice Tower is held together via magnets, so that the tower can break down and be stored inside of the Dice Tray, alongside a Vault. All three pieces together form the Dice Tower System and can be held together by a leather strap. The strap is included when you order all 3 pieces together in your order.

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Does the Magnetic Dice Tower include a dice tray?

The Dice Tower is built to work with both the Personal and Tabletop Dice Tray, which are sold individually, allowing you to purchase a Tower to work with the tray you currently own, or you can purchase either along with a tower according to your needs.

The Dice Tower, when purchased by itself, will be shipped in a custom made Kraft box with the same internal dimensions as our personal dice tray; this means it can also be used as a tray.

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I bought my Magnetic Dice Tower System in pieces – can I purchase the leather carrying strap separately?

No, but we’d be happy to send you one.  If you need to purchase your Complete System in separate orders, simply include a note at checkout requesting a leather strap and we will add it to your order for no additional charge.

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Why magnets? Will they affect my metal dice?

The magnets in the Dice Tower are very small, very powerful rare earth magnets. While they grip firmly and strongly, their pull is limited to a small area, and will not affect dice rolling through the tower. In fact, many metal dice are made from non-ferrous materials, and would not be affected by magnets at all.

The magnets are our solution to a common problem with dice towers; the choice of portability vs rolling capacity. In full-size towers, you have the option of rolling many dice, and larger dice, without the tower jamming. However, their size makes taking them with you on the go difficult. Portable towers solve this problem, but at the cost of rolling capacity. Our tower offers both, by allowing it to be collapsed into an easily portable form when not in use. The combination of excellent rolling capacity and easy portability is the heart of the Wyrmwood Magnetic Dice Tower System.

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How do your dice trays work with the tower?

The Magnetic Dice Tower is constructed to work with any of our dice trays. The ramp height will allow it to roll into either tray by placing it alongside them on the table. The Personal Dice Tray features a cutout on one side where the tower ramp rests, while the tower can be oriented anywhere along the outside of the Tabletop Dice Tray.

When the tower is broken down, it can be stored in either tray, as well. In the Personal Dice Tray, it stacks inside the walls, allowing for easy portability. In the Tabletop Dice Tray, the Tower will stack flat, allowing the tray and tower to be stored easily when not in use, even on a shallow shelf.

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Premium Leather Playmat

My playmat refuses to stay flat after travel. Why is this?

Our playmats are cut out of a stone-oiled water buffalo leather. The leather will be stiff at first, due to it being leather it will need some time to be broken in. Switching which way you roll the playmat to store it will help expedite this process, as well as using weights to flatten it.

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How do I maintain the leather?

With every playmat purchase we include a small 2 oz bottle of Bick-4 Leather Conditioner. Simply apply some of this to a rag, wipe the affected area thoroughly and your playmat will be good as new.  If you run out, you can get more right here.

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What is character?

Central to Wyrmwood is a love for natural materials like solid hardwoods and natural oiled leather. These materials are not manufactured or mass produced – each piece serves as a unique example of the variability found in the natural world. As such, we occasionally will have pieces that feature attributes described by the term “character.”

Types of character include, but are not limited to: knots, voids and sapwood. Knots are circular interruptions in the grain where a branch had grown from the trunk. Voids are actual holes in certain species of wood where a knot has fallen out or the wood developed in such a way to create a gap.  Sapwood refers to the outermost wood of the tree, sometimes markedly different in appearance than the inner wood, or heartwood, which has the characteristic appearance of a given species. The presence of sapwood in a piece can create a striking contrast – for example, very noticeable light, creamy areas in a normally dark wood, such as Bolivian Rosewood.  You can see an example of this in African Blackwood – note the lighter area in the Dice Vault.

Why would I want a piece with character? Why would I not?

Beauty, as they say, is in the eye of the beholder; some people love character, while others enjoy a more standard piece.  A piece with character is by definition atypical of the species, so if one expects a piece more representative of a specific wood, one with character may not be desirable.

You are free to choose from our inventory of standard and character pieces for most of our products by selecting one or the other on the item page.  Please note, however, that we cannot hand-pick character pieces; therefore you should select this option with the understanding that a wide range of pieces fit this description and you are open to receiving one with any type of character described above.

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What limitations on engravings are there?

Other than character limits, which vary based on the item, there are some things we cannot do.  We need to respect copyright and trademark law, and avoid engraving such materials unless we have a license to do so.  Please note that if you submit an order with an engraving that falls into this category, we’ll need to reach out to you about it to request an alternative, and this is likely to delay your order.  If you are unsure of whether or not your engraving will be possible, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss it. Thank you for your understanding on this issue.

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What is the character count limit on text engravings?

While in theory we are limited only to the size of the piece to be engraved, we generally have stricter limits to ensure your text will be readable and aesthetically pleasing.  As such, we have recommended character limits below.  We have one set of limits for our larger block font (the font used for our logo), the other for our smaller, serif font (the font on display throughout this website).  If the desired engraving exceed the block font character limits, we will employ the serif font.

Block Font Character Limits

Dice Vault – 34 characters

Hero Vault – 14 characters

Serif Font Character Limits

Dice Vault – 200 characters

Hero Vault – 60 characters

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General Questions

How do you ship? Do you ship worldwide?

We ship most packages via USPS, using a combination of First Class & Priority Mail services.  Expedited shipping is available in some cases – you can always contact us for a quote – just let us know what you’d like and when you need it.

We do ship internationally, also through the USPS, which hands the package off to the receiving nation’s postal service when it arrives.  DHL Express is also available for international shipments that are needed fast.  As above, just contact us and we’ll let you know the rate.

Please be aware that shipments outside the United States often incur customs fees which will need to be paid before you receive your package; please be aware of any such policies imposed by your nation of residence prior to ordering, as we have no control over these additional fees and you will be held responsible for them.

When will my order ship?

We strive to have all of our product offerings in our core woods in stock and ready to ship at all times.  If your order contains solely items marked “in stock,” it will often ship within 1-2 weeks.  Backordered items can take up to six to eight weeks.

Once your order ships, you will typically receive it within three days in the continental United States.  Please note that these are general guidelines, and may vary under certain circumstances.

I live outside the United States.  What about VAT/Duties/Import Fees?

As mentioned above, shipping costs do not include any of the above fees. VAT/Duities/Import Fees are determined when a package is being imported into the country, and are based on weight, package size and package value. Each country has different rates for import fees, so they can be highly variable. For more information regarding your country’s individual import fee cost, please speak to your local post office.  We cannot provide specific information on these fees, but they will need to be paid before you are allowed to collect your package, so please be aware of them ahead of time!

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Do I need to know anything about wood?  How should I store my Wyrmwood product?

Wood is a natural product, and as a result it does react to certain environments.  You’ll want to avoid storage in temperature or humidity extremes and exposure to sudden temperature shifts.  For example, if you decide to leave it in the bathroom with a hot shower running for a few days, it’ll probably warp a bit (but then, so will the walls) – likewise for the opposite extreme.  These are standard issue cautions for not just our products but any fine product made of wood.  The good news, though, is that you really don’t have to worry much; for most users it won’t be an issue.  Just don’t leave your Wyrmwood piece for an extended stay anywhere you wouldn’t want to be, and it will be fine!

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How durable are your products? Will metal/heavy/sharp-edged dice damage the wood?

In short, they’re tough. Wood is a strong material, which is why it’s been used in houses, boats, floors, tables and so much else throughout history. Of course, our products aren’t designed specifically to withstand severe abuse. Wood can crack if you hit it hard enough the right way, leather can be cut or ruined. But under normal usage this is very unlikely to happen. In short, don’t think twice about tossing a deck box or Dice Vault in your bag or backpack. Do think twice about tossing it out a window or running it over with a truck.

It’s worth noting that wood species vary widely in density and hardness. Ebony and Purpleheart are very hard and strong woods, while Cherry and Spalted Tamarind are significantly less so.  None should be considered fragile, but there are significant differences, and one may wish to err on the side of hardness if using heavy dice with one of our towers, or if you expect the item to take a lot of abuse. Of course, in the event of damage, you’re always covered by our Craftsman’s Promise. If you would like further guidance in choosing the best wood option for your play style, we’d be happy to help!

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Doesn’t leather dry out? Do I need to treat it?

Leather, like wood, is a natural product (something we believe in strongly here). Yes, it can dry out and deteriorate, if it isn’t taken care of, especially if exposed to the elements. Of course, unless you’re doing a lot of gaming outdoors in monsoon season, that last isn’t likely to be a major concern. That said, oiled leather is very hardy and easy to maintain, requiring only a little attention every few months or less; it’s made to be durable.  You can pick up a bottle of conditioner right here which is made expressly to keep your leather looking and feeling its best.  Any dealer of fine leather goods will have a variety of products for this use, as well.

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My item doesn’t look exactly like the one in the picture – why?

Your piece is yours, and won’t look exactly like any other piece. Photos are best used as samples of the material, but variation should be expected. Wood, leather and suede are natural, and that means they’re subject to variance and change – while the pictures will give you a very good idea what to expect, grain patterns, features/figuring and color will all vary slightly from one piece to another. You can count on getting a quality made item in the design and material you specify, but understand these are not mass produced, artificially made items. Your Wyrmwood piece is a natural product and these qualities make it truly unique.

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I looked up a wood, and there are many different shades of it – why?

Wood is a natural material, and part of the beauty and charm of that is that, over time, it will change. This is a response to oxidation and UV exposure, and while the changes can be slowed or controlled to some degree by limiting exposure, they cannot be fully stopped. A few woods are more subject to this than others: Cherry will gradually darken in a process which takes years, but this process is quite rapid initially – you might even notice a difference from one day to the next. It will grow more striking as it changes.

Purpleheart is sought after for its color, however it’s important to note that the color of your piece will shift with time and UV exposure. It will begin a quite vivid purple, but will slowly and gradually shift to a dark brown with a more subtle purple tint. This is nothing to be concerned about- quite the opposite! It ensures that your piece will grow along with you.

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I made a mistake in my order! Am I doomed?

Probably not. While we cannot guarantee that an order, once placed, can be modified, in most cases we can change something if necessary. Alert us as quickly as possible! Obviously, once an order ships, there’s nothing we can do, but until then we will try our best. Of course, we want you to be satisfied with your order regardless, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen, so don’t panic – just let us know what we can do.

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I’m not satisfied with my order / my order isn’t quite what I expected / I changed my mind.

We have a policy called the Craftsman’s Promise. As Craftsmen, we take our work very seriously, and we stand behind each and every product we make. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, let us know, and we’ll work with you to make it right – including paying for return shipping. No restocking fees or any other such nonsense.

This covers the uncommon situation where flaws or defects have slipped past us and made it out the door, as well as damage occurring in shipping, but it doesn’t stop there. If you don’t like a particular piece of wood due to color or occurrence of figuring, flecking or other natural features, we are happy to take it back and switch it out for you. We don’t believe in compromises when it comes to our craftsmanship or service, and we don’t want to ask them of you when it comes to your satisfaction. We do ask that you understand that variation is part of owning products made with natural materials, and hope you can find the beauty in the piece we build for you – but if you really can’t make peace with it, or if something goes wrong, we’re absolutely committed to making it right.

You can use our Craftsman’s Promise Request form here.

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Do you do custom work? What’s the process like?

We are not accepting custom commissions on accessories at this time (other than engravings).  We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Where do you source your woods? What’s your company like?

For more information on our company culture and beliefs, please click here. Regarding our wood sourcing and the use of rare. exotic and threatened woods, see our page on Wood Sourcing Ethics.

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We process credit card payments made on this site using Stripe, a secure and dependable processor trusted by more than 100,000 businesses.

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