Frank Frazetta: A Fantastic Legacy

At Wyrmwood, we value certain qualities and traits.  Dedication to the craft, attention to detail, the uncompromising pursuit of excellence – these qualities are ones we strive for, individually and as a company.  And when we see them in others, we take notice, which brings us to the focus of this week’s post: the late, great Frank Frazetta: the godfather of fantasy art.


Frank Frazetta, Self-Portrait, 1962



Frank Frazetta (February 9, 1928 – May 10, 2010), born in Brooklyn, New York, discovered the wonders of drawing at a very young age, encouraged by his grandmother.  He attended various art schools and academies (the first at a mere eight years of age), and began working on comic books at age 16.  He would go on to make a significant impact in the industry, working across many genres.  For his contributions, he was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame in 1995 and the Jack Kirby Hall of Fame in 1999.

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Beyond comics, his artwork can be found on book covers, paintings, posters, album covers, and more – Wyrmwood, in cooperation with the Frazetta Estate, quietly created a Tabletop Tray earlier this year which features the iconic “Grim Reaper” illustration.  However, his unmistakable artwork for Conan the Barbarian remains, perhaps, his most influential and famous work.  His mark on fantasy artwork cannot be overstated, and is still keenly felt, continuing to inspire even today.

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And so it is with great pride that we introduce our newly expanded Frazetta Collection!




Whether you’re sitting down to play Magic: The Gathering or other card games, Dungeons & Dragons, the Conan roleplaying game from Modiphius or other RPGs, you can do it with the iconic artwork of Frank Frazetta on a stunning piece from Wyrmwood at your side.  But don’t delay – the designs in this collection are a limited edition offering, with each piece individually numbered and limited to just 50 units for 2017.


“Ungraved” Playmat – This playmat features a striking illustration of one unfortunate woman’s encounter with the newly undead.  To highlight the artwork, the playmat is crafted using genuine doe tan leather.  This material, apart from being a beautiful, supple play surface for your favorite card game, presents a perfect canvas for the detailed illustration engraved upon it.  Unearth yours – claim one today.



“The Beheader” Tabletop Dice Tray – Nothing quite compares to the moment when your party strikes the final blow in a hard-fought battle, bringing down the last of the foes before them.  The thrill of victory.  The anticipation of the spoils.  The dust of chaos settling onto the battlefield.  Some honor the moment by tending to their fellows, others by seeking treasure – and some, such as the warrior in the piece featured here, may choose to collect trophies to remember the occasion.  Crafted from Peruvian Walnut and utilizing the same doe tan leather as our Ungraved Playmat, this tray will make an excellent companion piece to your favorite tabletop game… and a valuable trophy in its own right – claim yours here.



“Savage Till The End” Tabletop Dice Tray – Just as unique and memorable as the moment of victory is the moment of loss.  Sometimes sad, sometimes humorous, but always memorable – a loss can define a session of any adventure, or even a whole campaign.  In this similarly unforgettable piece, Frank Frazetta captures the aftermath of the battle… and the cost.  Crafted from Peruvian Walnut and utilizing the same doe tan leather as our Ungraved Playmat, this tray will give you a place of honor to roll your dice during any tabletop game – no matter how the rolls turn out!  Honor your adventures – claim yours now.



“Grim Reaper” Tabletop Dice Tray – This skeletal figure, perched atop a ghastly steed, could strike fear into the heart of any foes.  And, judging by the litter of skulls beneath, he’s here to do more than scare them!  Crafted from Peruvian Walnut and utilizing the same doe tan leather as our Ungraved Playmat, this tray will make a perfect guide in your next gaming session, wherever the path may lead.  Don’t fear the reaper – claim yours today.



“Vampire Mistress” Tabletop Dice Tray – While some employ fear as a tactic against their prey, others choose to rely on other means.  The mistress depicted here, no doubt a fearsome predator, chooses to lure her prey through charm.  Her victims, hopelessly drawn by her seductive, hypnotic gaze, will only realize their predicament when it’s too late.  Crafted from Peruvian Walnut and utilizing the same doe tan leather as our Ungraved Playmat, this tray will ensnare your dice, keeping them trapped within its walls during your favorite tabletop game.  Will you succumb to temptation?  Claim yours now.



We hope you enjoyed this look at our newly expanded 2017 Frazetta Collection!  We’re truly honored to contribute to the legacy of the great Frank Frazetta: the godfather of fantasy art.  For more information, visit the Frazetta Art Museum.  And remember, each of these pieces is a 2017 limited edition run, just 50 of each, so be sure to claim yours now!