In 2012, Wyrmwood was founded with a simple mission: create the finest in innovative accessories for tabletop gamers, handcrafted using natural materials and old-world craftsmanship.  Since then, Wyrmwood has maintained our signature high standard of quality, focus on innovation and commitment to exceptional customer service to become the industry leader in bespoke tabletop gaming.

We are proud to expand our furniture line with our designs for arm chairs, side chairs and benches.  No matter your preferred configuration, we have options to provide beautiful, functional seating in all the same wood options as we offer on our Gaming Tables.

Our chairs come in two distinct designs – the Gulliver and Diana.  The Gulliver line includes upholstery, with fabric options to match or compliment your table, as well as an integrated storage shelf below the seat.  They can be further customized in a number of ways, detailed below.  The Diana line features an elegant, all-wood design, with your choice of Ash or Ebonized Ash on the steam-bent, solid wood back slats.

Our Gulliver chairs and benches have several key features.  They include an integrated shelf that provides storage for games, game books and more, and can be constructed with an optional area underneath the cushion for even greater storage capacity.  Chairs are purchased a la carte, so choose the number you need, in any mix of arm chairs, side chairs and benches.

To further expand the functionality of your chairs and benches, we’ve included two key options to tailor the function and appearance of your chairs to your specific needs and tastes.  Your home is your castle, and every castle needs seating appropriate to its court.

Add a storage compartment to your Gulliver chair, located directly underneath the cushion and accessible via a hinge.  Storage is often at a premium around the game table, and you can keep common games close at hand.  The storage compartment is especially desirable for role-playing groups that can use it to store individual player materials like character sheets and other items in between sessions.  Simply lift the cushion, retrieve your character sheet, and pull up your chair to get back in the game.

You can also further customize the look of your chairs by selecting a second wood for your back slats, adding a striking contrast with the body of the chair.  This feature is available on both the Arm Chair and Side Chair models.  In the Gulliver line, the additional wood is optional, and the slats can be any of the woods we offer, with the feature priced according to the wood.  The Diana model includes your choice of Ash or Ebonized Ash, at no additional charge.


Furniture Deposit


This deposit secures your place in the build queue for furniture. Full pricing for your piece(s) will be determined after you have been given an opportunity to review our samples. This deposit is a down payment only.  Please note that delivery charges on your furniture order will be assessed at a later date based on your order and location.

Once we’re ready to start crafting your furniture, we’ll contact you and help finalize your order. This will occur several months prior to the estimated date of completion of your furniture, which will vary based on current demand and production capacity.

Commissioning and receiving Wyrmwood furniture is a process, and we want to ensure you are informed and confident in your commission.  If you are not yet familiar with our furniture, we strongly recommend that you browse our information, and contact us prior to placing your deposit with any questions concerning the ordering process, our payment structure, your place in our build queue and estimated wait time, or any other aspect of the process. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process. Thank you!

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