In 2012, Wyrmwood was founded with a simple mission: create the finest in innovative accessories for tabletop gamers, handcrafted using natural materials and old-world craftsmanship.  Since then, Wyrmwood has maintained our signature high standard of quality, focus on innovation and commitment to exceptional customer service to become the industry leader in bespoke tabletop gaming.

We are proud to expand our furniture line with our second full size gaming table, the Sojourn.  Designed to accommodate 4-8 gamers, with all of the features that make our Prophecy revolutionary but in a smaller, more traditional form-factor, it’s a beautiful centerpiece to any dining or game room.

The Sojourn features our tradition of innovation with two key components: our proprietary lift mechanism and our industry first spill-proof dining topper. Each of these features are optional, so that you’re free to choose the configuration that makes sense for you.

Gaming tables are primarily defined by their ability to store a game in progress below a dining topper.  However, this often comes with severe limitations; your game is set well below the outer surface of the table.  When used to playing on a standard table surface, as most of us have for all of our lives, it can be awkward to have to reach down to access your game.  With the optional lift mechanism, you can raise and lower the gaming surface to whatever height you’d like – play like you would on any standard tabletop, then lower it down below the surface for dinner.  After the meal, raise the surface up and get back in the game in moments.

Dining can prove deadly to your game, which is often exposed to liquid spills from the topper seams.  The Sojourn Topper features a solid design that completely overlaps the gaming surface, so spills are no longer a concern – they’ll pool on the surface or harmlessly pass off the side, leaving your game totally safe.  Whether it’s role playing terrain and miniatures, or a limited edition board game, you’ve invested in your gaming experience.  Don’t let your gaming table put it at risk.  Dine without fear on the Sojourn Gaming Table.

To further expand the functionality of the table, we’ve integrated a dual rail system for accessories like cup holders and card shelves.  A magnetic rail runs along the entire outer perimeter of the table, with a corresponding second rail on the inner edge.  Utilizing this innovative and intuitive system, you can add or remove accessories, positioning them wherever you need them at a moment’s notice.  Most rail accessories work on both the inner and outer edge of the table, allowing you to tailor your accessories and their positions to your unique needs, whatever they may be at that moment.  See individual accessories for details.

Our cup holders come in two sizes to accommodate a wide variety of beverages.  Both sizes include a removable metal insert for easy cleaning and versatility.  The large size, 3.5″ in diameter, will accommodate most glasses and containers.  The small variety, 2.5″ in diameter, can accept water or glass bottles, and includes a cut out to allow for use with stemware.

The card shelf provides a slot to hold up to 10 cards in full view.  Also included are two mini-component organizers to hold tokens or other small components.  The design features the ability to swivel the shelf to ensure you can keep the contents of your hand safe from prying eyes.

Meeples, dice, tokens, counters… whatever you need for your game, keep it close at hand with the component organizer.

The Master Shelf is designed with role playing game masters in mind.  Inserting into the inner rail track, it creates a surface the full width of the table to allow the GM to fully spread their screen, books and other items.  In addition, it elevates the GM and their materials above the Game Vault to properly survey their game in progress.

Surface Overlays are another way to expand the function of your Sojourn Gaming Table.  The Battlemat is a wet-erase, custom-cut grid of 1-inch squares or hexes, custom-cut to the interior dimensions of the Game Vault, on which to wage your most epic battles.  Transparent, dry-erase Acrylic is also available, if playing with a drawn map or other surface on which you’d like to safely make notes during gameplay.

Drawings coming soon!

Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 67″ x 43″ x 33″

Game Vault Dimensions: 60″ x 36″

Game Vault Depth: Variable with Lift Mechanism, Maximum of 2.75″