The Holidays are Here!

Wyrmwood is kicking off our holidays early this year, and all of our major offers are live right now! Read on for the full details on what we’re offering, including our upcoming Black Friday specials!

Roll The Dice

Solo Tabletop Tiles – just one RTD option available!

Roll The Dice items are some of our most popular promotions, and we’re pleased to offer a Roll The Dice option for nearly ALL of our products this year. The idea is simple – you select an item, and purchase it for a set price. The wood you’ll receive is random, but the price ensures that it’s a good value – and, if you get one of our more rare woods, it can be an incredible value. But no matter what, you can’t lose.

You can choose classic, where your wood will be selected from our entire core lineup, or bespoke, where your wood will be selected from our rare and exotic woods.

See all of our Roll The Dice options here.

Roll The Dice Gyft Sets

The RTD Dice Tower Gyft Set – just one Gyft Set option available!

Looking for a perfect gift? Look no further than Wyrmwood Gyft Sets! These sets combine several of our products into one great package, all in a matching wood (randomly selected, as described above). These are a great place to start your Wyrmwood collection, and a great gift to start one for someone else! By the way, if you aren’t sure what to get that special someone this year – check out our Gyft Guide for help.

Whether you’re looking for a Master Vault and Dice Tray combo, a Dice Tower Set, or a Mechanical Pencil with a Dice Vault as a case, you can’t go wrong.

Check out all of our Gyft Sets here.

The Dice Hoard


This year, we found ourselves with a massive excess of dice. We had some plans for them, but those plans didn’t quite work out – as the best-laid plans so often do. But our loss is your gain – we’re blowing out the entire hoard this holiday season!

We rounded up our favorite sets – about 25% of the hoard – and put these on our “Nice List” – each set was named by a craftsperson here at Wyrmwood – often with whatever happened to come out of their mouth when they first saw them – and we’ve listed these on the site individually.

The rest? Well, those went on our “Naughty List” – these dice are being offered at set prices according to their material, in a “Roll The Dice” style. You can find them here.

In addition to the hoard, we’re also offering – for the first time – gemstone dice in a Roll The Dice option. You can also order these dice individually. Whether you get a mixed-stone set of 7, or just a d20 or two, it’s a great chance to get a unique, handcrafted piece for game night at a great price.

View all of our dice options here.

Giveaways and Bonus Offers

So, there’s plenty of available offers to buy. But there’s more to our holiday season than that! Here’s some offers that will be available all season long:

  • Free US Shipping on orders over $150
  • Free Worldwide Shipping on orders over $300
  • Free physical $25 Gyft Certificate for every $200 spent (excluding Gyft Certificate purchases)
  • One Wyrmwood Hoard entry with any purchase (one entry per person, not per order)

For Black Friday through Cyber Monday, all of these deals get even sweeter:

  • Free US Shipping on orders over $150 $100
  • Free Worldwide Shipping on orders over $300 $250
  • Free physical $25 $50 Gyft Certificate for every $200 spent (excluding Gyft Certificate purchases)
  • One Three Wyrmwood Hoard entries with any purchase (one entry per person, not per order – BUT if you already purchased outside of Black Friday weekend, you still get these tickets)

The Wyrmwood Hoard

The Wyrmwood Hoard is a collection of goodies we’ve been storing up to give away this holiday season. Filled with items like Wyrmwood Gyft Certificates, stunning “Blades & Blossoms” Gyft Sets featuring inlaid weapons and flowers crafted specifically for this event, even a PS5 – and a credit for a $10,000 Wyrmwood Gaming Table – there’s a LOT to go through, $20,000 of value in all. All given away from now through December 31st.

The easiest way to enter? Simply make a purchase on before the end of the year.

Click here for the full details, and to see how to make sure you’re entered!

Support Take This, win a Major Award

Click Here for your Chance to Win!

We wanted to direct support towards Take This, our longtime partners, and their efforts to raise awareness for mental health issues. The holiday season can be particularly difficult for many.

To do it, we’re holding a raffle-style event, with one lucky winner taking home their very own Major Award, crafted by talented Wyrmwood craftsman J Kenyon.

Click here to support a great cause, and maybe, just maybe, take home this iconic and unique piece of Wyrmwood holiday history.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to return to the deals!