Magic: The Gathering – Official License Unlocked!

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One of my earliest goals for Wyrmwood was to work with Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast to provide collectible heirloom Deck Boxes. After a rigorous collaborative process, I couldn’t be more pleased to present our officially licensed Magic: the Gathering gaming accessories. We begin with the first heirloom quality deck boxes to feature the iconic mana symbols.

The Alpha Edition is handcrafted from Peruvian Walnut, and contrasting inlays of natural materials. We don’t use dyes or stains, so we turned to nature to capture the feel and color of each mana source. These hand inlaid boxes are limited edition: which will you choose? Our Blue Mana Symbol is created with crushed turquoise, real bone for Black Mana, malachite for Green, brass for White, and coral for Red. Included is an Alpha Cut Deck Divider, with a matching suede liner. These are limited edition, individually numbered to 100. Retail: $200 You can be one of the first to add one or a set to your collection here.

The Unlimited Edition is a more modest domestic wood interpretation. Each is engraved with the Mana Symbol of your choice in American Cherry. There’s a saying in woodworking: “Wood ages, plastic decays.” Nowhere is that more apparent than with Cherry. These boxes are guaranteed to last a lifetime of gaming, and the Cherry wood gains a beautiful golden patina over the years. Each includes a suede lined Deck Divider. Retail: $100 You can show the world what kind of mage you are by ordering one, or the set, here.

Rounding out the new Wyrmwood offerings is the limited edition Leather Playmat. Genuine doe tan leather with the classic Magic: the Gathering logo calls back to the early days of MTG. Limited and numbered to 100, this is the first leather official Magic: the Gathering Playmat. Find this highly limited collectible here.