New for October: The Hero Vault Lottery: Haunted Edition

Our lottery events have evolved from a fun idea to a highly anticipated recurring promotion. The idea is simple – offer one of our products at a fixed price, with a randomly chosen wood species for each order. This gives everyone a chance to own a piece crafted from our most highly sought after exotic woods, at a much lower price. Of course, our “lottery” is different from most, because you can’t actually lose: the price is always set so that even those receiving the most modest wood selection in the lineup will be getting great value.


So the time came to make a new lottery for October, and we decided we wanted to do something special. Why?


When one hears the word “October,” it calls to mind a number of things. If you’re anything like us, Halloween sprang to the top of that list. Halloween is a fun time of year for a lot of people – we can all look back on it as children, of course, hauling home that big bag of candy. But the spirit of Halloween is something a lot of us in the gaming community can relate to; it’s about imagination and fantasy – whether that’s just decorating, or putting together a costume and stepping into another character – and having a good scare! We’re no strangers to all of that – whether it’s exploring dungeons in D&D, summoning zombies in Magic, transforming ourselves through cosplay, or thwarting nefarious Cthulhu cults (or, perhaps, aiding them!), that same spirit draws many of us throughout the whole year.


We here at Wyrmwood are no different, and that’s why we’re proud to introduce the Hero Vault Lottery: Haunted Edition!


Wood Selection


What’s special about this lottery? Well, first and foremost, the wood selections are specifically curated in honor of the season.



Bocote always features contrast, but is remarkable for often having hidden ‘eyes’ within its grain, leading it to perhaps feel somehow sinister.



Ziricote is a very dark wood, but what sets it apart is in the grain – it’s prone to a type of figure that strongly resembles a spiderweb.


English Wych Elm Burl

English Wych Elm Burl, one of our Core 16, is full of voids and cracks, giving a gnarled and withered appearance.


Rounding out the group is fan-favorite Bloodwood, a tough wood primarily known for its color, from which it draws its ominous name.


Maker’s Mark

But you’ll notice we didn’t stop there. We did something we’ve never done before, and actually altered our maker’s mark, giving the tree at the heart of the shield a corrupted, creepy look in honor of the season, with gnarled branches reaching out over the shield.


Real Bone Inlay

Finally, we chose to inlay the new logo with genuine powdered bone.  Yes, really.



We think you’ll agree that these Hero Vaults capture the spirit of Halloween. They’re limited and going fast, so claim yours now, right here.

Hero Vault Lottery: Haunted Edition



Hero Vault Lottery: Classic Edition

For those of you looking for something a little less unusual, we’ve got the Hero Vault Lottery: Classic Edition, as well.  It’s a great value any time of year!

We hope you enjoyed this look at our lottery promotions,  Until next time, enjoy the season!