Charitable Giving

There is a spirit of sharing and generosity that permeates the tabletop gaming community. Wyrmwood is committed to reflecting this spirit through charitable giving, and are always looking for opportunities to give back.


If you organize or support a charity, contact us:


Wood Sourcing

For information on the sourcing of rare woods and our policy regarding it, see our Wood Sourcing Ethics page.




Just as Wyrmwood is committed to the universality of craft we are also committed to the idea that people should be able to freely communicate and transact with each other regardless of national boundary.


We support Bitcoin and other technologies that allow the free exchange of value and information between people across the world.


100% of all purchases made with bitcoin are kept as bitcoin by Wyrmwood. We will only use bitcoin to purchase materials from companies that accept bitcoin as a payment. We also offer bitcoin as a payment to our craftsmen if they so choose.  If you would like to make a purchase using Bitcoin, please contact us at


Company Culture


We offer all of our craftsman full control over their schedules. There are fewer and fewer reasons in our modern economy for workers to have to “punch in” at set times. Flexible scheduling supports families and leads to a more productive and happier workplace.


Wyrmwood is committed to judging people by the quality of the craft they produce and their commitment to the art of woodworking. The creation and appreciation of craft is universal. Therefore we do not discriminate based on age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender identity or disability. If you are a committed craftsman, work hard, and create lasting objects of beauty: you are speaking our language.