Prismatic Collection

Light illuminates the world, but under the surface hides a spectrum of brilliant color. The prism allows each hue the space to shine and be celebrated. We present this limited edition Dice Vault, paired with perhaps the most breathtaking set of dice we’ve ever offered…

The Prismatic Collection

(from left to right) Cam, Chrissie, Kat

Meet The Craftsmen

This project began with Chrissie, the most senior member of the spec ops team. She created a unique engraving design and utilized a multi-colored inlay technique to bring it to life. We saw the promise of her concept, and assisted with some iterations and tweaks, pairing our Prismatic Glass Dice with the Vault.

With the design in place, Cam and Kat joined Chrissie in producing this striking series of Dice Vaults, and the Wyrmwood Prismatic Collection was born. In keeping with the theme of celebrating variety, each piece is uniquely inlaid, according to the creativity and expression of the craftsperson making it. We hope you enjoy the results of our work!

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