Delivered in time for Mother’s Day.

Our Lotteries give you random woods at the cost of our most modestly priced offerings. This means you have a chance at our rarest woods! Every Lottery also includes a text engraving, so you win every time.

Mother’s Day Bespoke Collection
Mother’s Day Bespoke Collection

Our Mother’s Day Lottery has returned this year, show your loved one your appreciation with the gift of craftsmanship.

The Bespoke collection features a refined selection of only rare and exotic woods:

  • Bolivian Rosewood
  • Canarywood
  • East Indian Rosewood
  • Purpleheart
  • Tigerwood
  • Tulipwood

The Bespoke Collection also comes with a suede liner that is selected to perfectly compliment the wood you receive. You will also  be able to customize your Dice Vault with a text engraving of your choice. It could be a name, a date, a memory – anything you would like to make you gift truly one-of-a-kind.

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Mother’s Day Gaia Edition
Mother’s Day Gaia Edition

Our Mother’s Day Lottery returns this year, show your appreciation for your mother. For the first time ever we are offering a lottery with a new option: a custom inlay on a standard dice vault.

Your Gaia’s Edition Dice Vault will be randomly selected from:

  • Holly with Redwood Burl inlay
  • Purpleheart with Zebrawood inlay
  • Argentine Lignum Vitae  with Masur Birch inlay
  • African Blackwood with English Wych Elm Burl inlay
  • Kingwood with Oak Burl inlay
  • Wenge with Curly Maple inlay

All Gaia’s Edition Dice Vaults also will come with suede covered foam.

On top of that, you will receive a text engraving of your choice. Your mother’s name, an inside joke, or a memory you would simply like to cherish – the engraving on the side of the dice vault will really help make the present personal.

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