4 Person Coffee Table – Wenge – Topper Block – Sale

  • Modular Table

    The groundbreaking table is BACK, and better than ever, with more sizes, accessories, woods and features to fit your family, home, and lifestyle.
  • Modular Table Plywood - 44" x 48"

  • Modular Table Leg Package - 18" Table Height - Wenge

  • Modular Table Shield Apron Package - 44" - Wenge

  • Modular Table Side Apron Package - 48" - Wenge

  • Modular Table End Topper Package - 44" - Wenge

  • Modular Table Middle Topper Package - 44" - Wenge

  • Interior Felt Surface

    Choose from 10 colors
    Small-Standard (36" x 41")
  • Topper Block

    Store your Toppers in style
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Original price was: $4,055.00.Current price is: $3,357.00.

Product Description

Table Bundles are pre-configured to offer exceptional value on our most popular models. To explore all possible configurations of the Modular Table, use the Table Builder tool.


This table bundle includes:

  • Small Wenge Table (48″ length, 43″ width, 17.5″ height)
  • Wenge Toppers
  • Wenge Topper Block
  • $250 in Accessories of your choice (to redeem, add accessories to your order; available credit will be reflected in the shopping cart)

Woods of Wyrmwood

We use a variety of woods from around the world in the creation of our products. Not only is respecting the wood important to us, educating your customers about the material is important too.