Black Poisonwood Dice Vault


The Dice Vault is a place of honor for your favorite dice. It stores and protects up to ten polyhedral dice, eight 19mm Casino Dice or more than an entire brick of thirty-six 6mm d6’s.

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Suede Liner

Check box if you would like to add a black suede liner.

Custom Text Engraving

To add your custom text engraving, simply enter the text in the box underneath the engraving location of your choice.

Truly Unique?

Check here if you’d like us to send a piece with character, such as knots, voids or sapwood (when available). You can read more about character here.



The Wyrmwood Dice Vault features solid wood construction with a powerful magnetic closure for the ultimate way to store and carry a set of gaming dice. For our selection of dice, click here.

Black Poisonwood

Also known as Chechen, Black Poisonwood is a vibrant deep colored wood. Coming from the same family of plants as Poison Ivy (the family Anacardiaceae) the bark of the tree produces urushiol which is the same chemical skin irritant that Poison Ivy produces. Hence the name: Poisonwood. Don’t worry, the heartwood of the tree doesn’t contain any of the compound and is completely non-toxic.

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 in
Dice Vault Size

Capacity 7, Capacity 10


  1. (verified owner)

    I was waiting since a few years to finally get my hand on a Dice Vault ! But living in France made the shipping and the Dice Vault costing too much for me as a student. Now that I am temporarily in the USA, I could not resist.
    Kind of disappointed that I bought this product a few days before the Mother Day lottery, I could have chosen an engraving.. Bad luck, I guess !

    Anyway, my Black Poisonwood Dice Vault (as they are all unique) is a beautiful piece of art, it is perfect.
    The dices do not “roll” in the Vault, the magnets are just enough powerful to firmly close it. I am really satisfied of this purchase, and I am longing to show it to my players.

    Thank you, Wyrmwood.

    Simon, a young Game Master

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