Black Walnut Dice Vault


The Dice Vault is a place of honor for your favorite dice. It stores and protects up to ten polyhedral dice, eight 19mm Casino Dice or more than an entire brick of thirty-six 6mm d6’s.

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The Wyrmwood Dice Vault features solid wood construction with a powerful magnetic closure for the ultimate way to store and carry a set of gaming dice. For our selection of dice, click here.

Black Walnut

Walnut comes in many varieties, but American black walnut is the most ubiquitous. An exceedingly popular fine furniture wood, it is light, beautiful, and works easily. Wide, flat-sawn boards can have brilliant figure and cathedrals, making excellent dining room table tops – perfect for gaming! A perennial favorite, and a truly refined classic.

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

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  1. Austen J.

    I remember three plus years ago when I first saw this product on KickStarter. I barely played Dungeons and Dragons, or any Table-Top game for that matter, and yet I intrigued by what I saw. So during the last few days of the KickStarter I backed this, and many months later two Dice Vaults arrived for me. One was the (now only available via custom order) White Oak that could hold up to even dice pieces, and the other was the one made from Black Walnut that could ten dice pieces. I gave the one made out of Oak to my friend and kept the Walnut case for myself.

    Three years later, and I’m still using it. The Case is incredibly light, a trait shared with Walnut wood, and it has fallen to the floor many times and the results have only been minor scuffs or dents in the wood. I have left it in my car for weeks on end and the wood has continued to endure the trials that have been presented to it. The magnets, while somewhat weaker not, still hold the two pieces of the Vault together, even when I shake it from the lid (which is the smallest piece) they have never come apart. I have also bought these Dice Vaults for several of my friends and each time they have appreciated it.

    If I do have any complaints, it’s only one. Whenever I first got my Dice Vaults, the wood was smooth on the inside whenever I removed the foam. But with the recent ones that I have bought my friends, the wood is rough and not sanded. It’s not a huge complaint, since we all keep our foam inside our Dice vaults. But I think it would be appreciated for those who prefer to have no foam inside.

    Overall, the product is amazing. And I look forward to using my Dice Vault more and more as the years go by.

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