Chinatown is a negotiation based city building game, intended for 3-5 players who already have some experience with board games.

In Chinatown, anything goes. You’ve just acquired your own little block of the city and you’re here to do one thing: build. Place tiles that represent businesses, gain points for each tile placed, and haggle with your opponents to get opportune placements on the district.

Resources are randomly distributed, so you will have to work with players to get the resources you need. You’ll get paid out for each tile you lay down at the end of each turn, but any completed business will give you exponential more. So, build your business, haggle with everyone else, and build up the district in your vision of success. Remember though, only one person can be in charge of Chinatown. Make sure you place your businesses well, and negotiate as hard as you can!

And that’s Dallas!


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Players: 3-5, (5 recommended)

Play Time: 60-90 minutes

Want to learn how to play quickly? Check out this excellent video made by No Rolls Barred!


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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in
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