Classic Adventuring Party – Personal Tray


Lined with a brown, oiled leather, the Personal Tray is the perfect rolling area for a single person. After all, it’s as the name says – personal.

Take a look at the matching Master Vaults, or get one of each!

Choose from your favored class below, and let the adventuring begin!

Please note: Due to the crafting process, all Classic Adventuring Party Items are available for Pre-order and will ship on or before 8/27. Pictured dice not included.

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Made from a core of White Ash, with Ebony and Maple veneer and Zebrawood accents, this tray was designed with our holiest of friends in mind. The Ash helps channel that holy magic, while having a very consistent grain – something we can typically expect from the caretakers of the group. The Zebrawood both adds some nice contrast with its coloration, and complements the grain of the Ash.


Made from a core of Peruvian Walnut, with Ebony and Maple veneer and White Oak accents, this tray was designed with our rough-and-tumble friends in mind. White Oak is a very stable wood, with a grain that can oftentimes look like the planning of a battlefield. It’s a natural fit for the fighting-man. The darker Peruvian Walnut adds an excellent contrast to the lighter White Oak, and can oftentimes be seen with chatoyance. A characteristic of wood that can make it seem shiny, chatoyance does wonders to help simulate armor. Also, it’s fun to say it – give it a try!



Made from a core of Padauk, with Ebony and Maple veneer and Wenge accents, this tray was designed with our shadowy friends in mind. Wenge is one of the darkest woods we have available – the shadows call to it like they do to all thieves. Padauk, on the other hand, pairs excellently to give it quite the striking contrast. What else does striking do? Well…it draws blood, just like most of our rogue…I mean, uh…thief friends tend to do.



Made from a core of Purpleheart, with Ebony and Maple veneer and Tiger Maple accents, this tray was designed with our magic-user friends in mind. The Tiger Maple – in addition to just looking fantastic in the first place – does an excellent job simulating a wizard’s spell book. Just imagine what sort of spells are scrawled on those pages! The regal Purpleheart, on the other hand, contrasts the lighter Tiger Maple while capturing the near noble status that wizards often hold.

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8.1 × 4.1 × 2.25 in