Baldur’s Gate: Descent into Avernus Dice Vault – Wenge with Sulfur, Infernal Edition


This malevolent Wenge Dice Vault with Sulfur inlay is a perfect choice for your descent into the cursed realm of Avernus.  Keep your dice close at hand as the forces of darkness and temptation surround you.  Will you fight them, or join them?  Crafted by Wyrmwood and officially licensed by Wizards of the Coast.  English edition also available.

Available only in the US and Canada.  New item, please allow for processing.  Estimated shipping in June 2019.

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Hailing from Central Africa, this dark grainy wood is strong, hard, dense, and stable. While it does not possess the pure black of Gabon ebony, wenge is nonetheless among the darkest natural woods to be found anywhere. Exotic and striking, it is very popular in decorative usage for its unique, wild look and distinctive character.



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