Dwarven Dice Vault: The Deep Dwarf


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Dwarves know that there can be great beauty in the deepest darkness.  Unearth your own treasure with the shadowy grain of a Wenge Dice Vault, inlaid with a message of your choice in eerie Turquoise. Phrases will be translated into the Tolkien Dwarvish language of Khuzdul, and set in the font Erebor Cirth.  Names will be transliterated and set in the font Erebor Cirth.

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Millettia laurentii Hailing from Central Africa, this dark grainy wood is strong, hard, dense, and stable. While it does not possess the pure black of Gabon ebony, wenge is nonetheless among the darkest natural woods to be found anywhere. Exotic and striking, it is very popular in decorative usage for its unique, wild look and distinctive character.

On Dwarvish Translations

Dwarvish translations are being performed by the Dwarrow Scholar, Linguist & Tolkien-language scholar ~ learn more at DwarrowScholar.com Note: If your desired engraving contains “you”, “your” or “them” please specify the number and gender of the individual(s) referred to: group of males, mixed group, one female, one male, etc.  In Khuzdul, there are variations for each case of the words involved, so to ensure your translation will be accurate, specify these details in the customer notes field during checkout.  If unspecified, the translation will use the male singular or male plural, depending on context.  Thank you! For more information concerning Khuzdul Dwarvish and the translation process, click here. Questions? Contact us.

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