Flame Box Elder Dice Vault

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The Dice Vault is a place of honor for your favorite dice. It stores and protects up to ten polyhedral dice, eight 19mm Casino Dice or more than an entire brick of thirty-six 6mm d6’s.

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Suede Liner

Check box if you would like to add a black suede liner.

Custom Text Engraving

To add your custom text engraving, simply enter the text in the box underneath the engraving location of your choice.

Truly Unique?

Check here if you’d like us to send a piece with character, such as knots, voids or sapwood (when available). You can read more about character here.



The Wyrmwood Dice Vault features solid wood construction with a powerful magnetic closure for the ultimate way to store and carry a set of gaming dice. For our selection of dice, click here.

Flame Box Elder

This subspecies of Maple tree owes its brilliant coloration to invading beetles and fungus. First the beetles attack, boring holes throughout the tree. These wounds become avenues for a fungal invasion. As a defense, the tree releases powerful and colorful chemicals around each wound to fend off the fungus. Eventually the tree falls and we are able to appreciate the beauty of nature in action. The red coloration will become more muted over time, but will never fade away, and battle between the tree and the invaders can stand at your game table.

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 in

1 review for Flame Box Elder Dice Vault

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Kristy Muehlman (verified owner)

    Meticulously created; the vault halves fit together like a glove. Sanded and lovingly fitted with no roughness whatsoever. The magnets are also exceptionally strong! This thing will not open unless YOU do so. I suggest going full hog and opt for the suede lining (I didn’t but I still got some cushy foam inserts which do the job). The vault for me also serves as pencil/pen case when needed which is an unexpected bonus. The wood: I expected more red to be present in the vault by comparing what I got to the website photo but there is DEFINITELY red in this wood. It does not look dyed, painted or stained. I’ve already joked to my table it looks sinister, like the originating maple grew tall and strong only watered with the blood of enemies. There are a few MINOR and I do mean minor holes in this vault’s wood and the only one that is disconcerting is on the top edge of the bottom half of the vault (I worry for a blow out in the future if I would snap the lid on too hard by accident which is possible with this no-nonsense magnets) but I will go forth confidently that if they sent something this lovingly made out the door with this trait or birthmark, it’ll hold up for the long term. Thanks, Wyrmwood!

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