Artificer-Inspired Master Vault

Every month Wyrmwood adds to the “Class of the Month” Promotion –

A Master Vault and Personal Rolling Tray combo inspired by a specific class in D&D.

This month we honor the Artificer by crafting a set from Figured Maple and Black Walnut, two classic, hardy woods used throughout history in a variety of creative applications. A veneer of Wenge and Maple completes the design, adding that little spark of inspiration that all inventors and craftspeople know so well.

Check out the matching Personal Rolling Tray and Mechanical Pencil, or get the whole Master Vault System!

Artificer Class of the Month products will begin fulfillment in July. 





Pictured dice, minis, and pencils not included.


Maple and Black Walnut are woods commonly found in high-end furniture woodworking; many experienced crafters utilize these for their finest masterworks. They are an ideal choice both for their elegant appearance and contrast to one another, but also simply because they’re stable, reliable, rot-resistant woods that are easy to work with. The Artificer is inventive and creative, but also practical, after all.

Maple, in heavy use as far back as the Roman empire, has been used in countless items – bowling pins, pool cues, butcher blocks, the limbs of recurve bows. It’s been used for dyes, instruments, and is even among the most popular woods for crafting baseball bats. Figured maple is a mainstay of high-end furniture, as well as musical instruments, particularly the tops of stringed instruments like violins and electric guitars. With such versatility, Maple is a perfect fit for the class that loves to craft. Of course, we can’t forget about Maple Syrup as well! 

Black Walnut, too, has a rich history. It’s extremely amenable, working easily even with even hand tools, and Walnut was used as far back as ancient China. Black Walnut lumber is widely regarded as one of, if not the most traditional choice for gun stocks throughout history. Boating oars, furniture, and even coffins have frequently been crafted from Black Walnut. Lastly, Black Walnut is used as an architectural accent in paneling, posts, and flooring. In addition to being nutritious, the nut of the Black Walnut tree is often used in sandblasting and commercial abrasive cleaners. Native Americans discovered that a certain amount of the bark of the walnut tree, when brewed into a tea, could provide homeopathic benefits, as well.

While Maple and Black Walnut are classic and reliable – important considerations for any Artificer worth their salt – Wenge and Maple, our classic veneer pairing, provides that little bit of flourish and creative spark, to elevate the creation. This spark is what separates the great Artificers from the merely competent, and we hope that it inspires you, as well.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 3.5 × 1.5 in