PARKS is an excellent game with fantastic artwork, intended for 1-5 players looking for new entry level titles.

Hiking is great. You get to go outside, see nature in all of its glory, watch the local fauna, smell the local flora. The only thing that could possibly improve hiking is making it competitive. That’s exactly what PARKS brings to the table, so buckle up!

Players control two hikers as they go through different trails and seasons, scouting out and grabbing resources as they navigate these trails. Of course, resources are scarce so you have to make sure you’re grabbing them before those dastardly other hikers. The art in this game is absolutely gorgeous too. Even if you’re losing(which, let’s be real, every group has that one player who wins every game), you’ll still have a good time just looking at the cards.

Competitive, X-treme, Resource Intense Hiking > Regular Boring Hiking



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Players: 1-5, (4 recommended)

Play Time: 30-60 minutes

Want to learn how to play quickly? Check out this excellent video made by Dicebreaker!



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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in
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