Prophecy – Wenge, Platinum (Floor Model)

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Product Description

This is your chance to own a Wyrmwood Prophecy at a fraction of the price.

If you’ve seen Wyrmwood at a convention the past few years, chances are you’ve seen these exact tables, maybe more than once. They’ve been on the road with us and served well, but for a variety of reasons, it’s time to say goodbye.

These tables have been used in demonstrations during conventions, with the mech raised and lowered hundreds if not thousands of times. The tables have been loaded and unloaded, assembled and disassembled, and made several cross-country trips in the back of our trucks. In short, they have a lot of history, and they all have signs of wear that tell that story.

Despite having been through more rigorous and demanding circumstances than any typical production model could ever expect to see, these tables are still Wyrmwood, and as such they all stand ready to serve you well in their retirement. We’ve put each model through quality control, performing refinishing and touch-ups where necessary. You may notice some light scratches and scuffs, but otherwise there are no major structural or mechanical issues.

Because of the unique history of these pieces, and in exchange for the heavily discounted pricing, these models are being sold “as-is,” and there will be no returns, nor are they covered by our Craftsman’s Promise. While we’ve taken great care to restore and ready them for years of memories in your home, we can’t guarantee that you won’t encounter mechanism problems or other potential issues down the road.

We look forward to giving these tables a loving, quiet home – they’ve more than earned it.

This listing includes the following:

  • Wenge Prophecy Table
  • Wenge Prophecy Toppers
  • Wenge Roleplay Surface with Platinum suede

Woods of Wyrmwood

We use a variety of woods from around the world in the creation of our products. Not only is respecting the wood important to us, educating your customers about the material is important too.