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Back by popular demand, our Elvish Dice Vaults have returned once again for Valentine’s Day! Choose between five unique wood and inlay pairings that perfectly evoke your feelings – be it love, or hatred. Complete with a custom text engraving, your message will be professionally translated into Quenya Elvish.



A message of your choice will be inlaid in golden luster of the brass inlay to complement the deep grain of Bolivian Rosewood perfectly.  Your loved one will be carrying their dice in the definition of elegance when the two of you set out for game night.

Phrases will be translated into the Tolkien Elvish language of Quenya, then transliterated into Tehtar-Tengwar with the font Tengwar Annatar.  Names will be transliterated into Tehtar-Tengwar with the font Tengwar Annatar.


Bolivian Rosewood

Libidibia ferrea

Extremely popular and sought after, rosewood is the quintessential wood for inlay, turnings, carvings and many musical instruments. Very hard, fine-grained, and crisp, there are many varieties of rosewood, some sold under other names. All of them take a beautiful polish and are considered fine tonal woods. Unquestionably one of the finest woods we offer, rosewood speaks of refinement and grace.


Elvish Translations

Elvish translations are being performed by Fiona Jallings, Linguist & Tolkien-language scholar ~ learn more at

For more information concerning Quenya Elvish and the translation process, click here.

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