Wyrmwood Gaming Chairs: Deposit (Additional Information)


This item is to give us further details on your order of Wyrmwood Gaming Chairs. Full pricing for your piece can be seen detailed in the selections below, and will be collected in stages as your order is finalized and completed.  Please note that delivery charges on your furniture order will be assessed at a later date based on your order and location.

NOTE: This item is only intended as a supplemental item; you MUST purchase the deposit to secure your place in the build queue for a set of Wyrmwood Gaming Chairs.

The fields below are optional, and need not be your final decisions. Note that all prices listed are per chair. Fill out as many or as few as you like, based on any preferences you may have – this well help us send you the most appropriate samples. Once we’re ready to start crafting your chairs, we’ll contact you, send you a personalized sample pack, and help you finalize your order. This will occur several months prior to the estimated date of completion of your chairs, which will vary based on current demand and production capacity.

Commissioning and receiving Wyrmwood furniture is a process, and we want to ensure you are informed and confident in your commission.  If you are not yet familiar with our Gaming Chairs, we strongly recommend that you browse our information, and contact us prior to placing your deposit with any questions concerning the ordering process, our payment structure, your place in our build queue and estimated wait time, or any other aspect of the process. We’ll be happy to walk you through the process. Thank you!

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