Wyrmwood Gemstone Dice – Malachite


Malachite is a famous, very popular stone, with trademark distinctive alternating bands of light and dark green.  The name comes from the Greek word for “mallow,” a green herb.  Malachite has been highly sought after for decorative purposes and jewelry since antiquity.  In ancient Egypt, the stone was seen as a ward against evil spirits, and a symbol of protection, especially for children.

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Wyrmwood gemstone dice feature our logo on the “6” face of the d6. All gemstone dice are handcrafted by the artisans at Level Up Dice.


About Gemstone Dice

As handcrafted, unique items from natural materials, you should expect minor variances in color, size, shape and numeral placement.


Caring for Your Dice

Care should be taken when storing & rolling your gemstone dice. We recommend a Dice Vault to store and transport your dice. In a bag or pouch, dice can collide with one another or other objects, causing them to chip or shatter.

Rolling several dice at once, through a dice tower, or onto a hard tabletop, is not recommended, since this can result in damage to your new dice. Roll them by hand, individually, onto a dice tray (such as our Tabletop and Personal varieties) or other soft surface for best results.

Following these guidelines will ensure your gemstone dice remain in pristine condition for a lifetime of exquisite rolling!

Additional information

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