Wyrmwood Gaming Table – The Prophecy


Since 2012, Wyrmwood has blended artisan craftsmanship with innovation to create the finest gaming supplies available.  Helmed by master furniture makers Douglas and Ian Costello, Wyrmwood is proud to introduce our premier gaming table:  The Wyrmwood Prophecy.




From the two sided playing surfaces, to the internal mechanical lift, to the dual magnetic game accessory tracks – this table sets a new standard for gaming tables.  Hand built in our New England Workshop by master craftsmen and their apprentices, the Prophecy defines what heirloom furniture means.


Innovation, generous seating, and old world craftsmanship define our flagship gaming table.



First two shipments of gaming tables are reserved for Milestone Payment Plans.  People opting to use the Experience Pre-Payment Plan will have their tables ship two years from the first prepayment made.



Contact us today to be one of the first owners of the Wyrmwood Prophecy gaming table and become a part of tabletop gaming history.  Begin the Journey – Sales@WyrmwoodGaming.com