The Prophecy

Our flagship gaming table is the height of luxury, the marriage of innovative engineering and old-world craftsmanship. Experience peerless customer service while you customize your ideal build, with premium hardwoods and fabric options to match any décor and taste. Lauded the world over as the best gaming table on the market, bar none, and now, it can be yours.

Place an order today, and our team of highly skilled craftsmen will create and ship your custom order within 6-10 weeks.

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The Lift Mechanism

Elevate your gaming experience. Adjusting the height of your game surface is the signature innovation of the Prophecy, and it’s a feature you can find nowhere else.

The Spill Resistant Dining Topper

Dine safely with industry-leading spill protection from our topper sets, sealed with rubber gaskets and rare earth magnets.

The Reversible Play Surface

Different games and play styles demand more than a universal surface. Our luxurious padded microfiber comes in a color of your choice, with a beautiful, finished hardwood of your choice on the underside. Choose whichever suits your next game best, and switch back in seconds.

Customizable Seating

Designed for years to find the perfect counterpoint to the Prophecy Gaming Table, all aspects of Wyrmwood seating begins with thoughtful design.


The Magnetic Rails & Accessories

Customize your experience using our patented dual magnetic rail system with our constantly growing collection of innovative accessories.

Your Prophecy Awaits

To learn more about the Prophecy and its various features, continue reading below. Contact our Furniture Concierge with any questions or concerns by email ( or by phone at 774-226-8026. Our dedicated staff is on hand and ready to assist you with any questions Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm Eastern Time

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