IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a detailed explanation of procedures, but this should not be confused with “fine print” – wherein a business hides the unsavory elements that alleviate it of the responsibility to stand behind their work with legalese. In no way do these details contradict or add to the policy found in our Craftsman’s Promise, which is fully sufficient to explain our warranty and return policy, and is our attempt to lay out our lifetime guarantee in plain language. If you have a problem with your order or items, simply contact us here and we will work with you to make it right. The below information is required to comply with advertising partner policies, but the Craftsman’s Promise contains all the information you need to know, and we will always take care of our customers.

Please see below full details of our Return & Refund Policy.

a. Cancellation Period / Timeframe –  

After Purchase and Before Delivery – Orders can be cancelled anytime until an order has been shipped.  This is generally within 5 business days of orders being placed, but can vary based on item availability.

After Purchase and After Delivery – You cannot cancel your purchase after it has been shipped. That said, if you would like to cancel an order that is in transit to you, or has already arrived, you may return it to us for a full refund. In this case, DO NOT open the package. Mark the package “REFUSED – RETURN TO SENDER” and return it to your mail carrier or post office. A refund will be issued upon its arrival back to us. Please let us know if you are pursuing this option so we can process your refund properly.

b. Method of Refund –

Refunds are returned to the same form of payment used to purchase. Please allow 7-14 business days for your refund to be processed. 

c. Defective / Incorrect Goods / Damaged / Wear & Tear –

Accessories & Furniture:

Defective / Incorrect Goods: Defective or incorrect accessories or furniture can happen, despite our best efforts and stringent quality control.  Should this occur, we will arrange for the goods to be collected / swapped over / replaced at our expense.


Any other issue: No matter what your problem, be it defect, damage or simply not being satisfied with it, we always guarantee our products and we will always pay for shipping.


Wear & Tear: Your Wyrmwood Furniture will be with you for a long time, and try as we might, signs of use will occur; wood ages, and a lifetime of use will imprint its story on the piece. Some love seeing the history appear, but if you prefer to keep your piece as pristine as possible, we offer a refinishing service. We will arrange the return of your affected piece, perform the two-week refinishing process, and ship it back. The rate is $500 for a Topper, or $1,000 for a table, plus shipping costs.

Damages: Furniture may have suffered damage when a well-meaning brother-in-law dropped it off of the moving truck, or when an enthusiastic pet mistook the piece for a toy or scratching post. In such situations, we will fix your table, seeking no profit; we ask only that you cover the costs incurred with the repair: labor, materials, and travel – but nothing else. 

d. How to request a return, refund, or damage repair request –

Please submit a return, refund, replacement, or damage repair form request here.

e. Shipping & Packing Costs –

We will cover the full cost of shipping and packing costs related to return or refund worldwide We will coordinate the logistics with you after submitting your form request. We support the couriers UPS, USPS, and FedEx.

f. Products Returned Exceeding the Cancellation Period

There is no time limit on returns. They are lifetime guaranteed. Returns can be replaced, or refunded for 100% of the purchase price plus shipping.

g. Please click here for our Terms & Conditions and FAQs. 

We accept returns for any reason. We will cover the full cost of shipping for that item. For an item that you have damaged, we are happy to help repair those items (at no charge for accessories, for a charge equal to our expenses for furniture).

h. What is the policy on returning goods

Please submit your form request to repair your goods here.