The Prophecy Gaming Table: First Production Models

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It’s been a very exciting time at Wyrmwood, with so much to talk about that it’s hard to know where to begin.  For this post, we’ll be taking a look at the first production run of Prophecy Gaming Tables.


The first wave was limited to just twelve tables, all of which were claimed by the end of Gen Con 50, where we publicly debuted the Prophecy for the first time.  If you haven’t seen the Prophecy in person, be sure to check our convention schedule to find out when we’ll be at an event near you!


In the meantime, check out the gallery below:


Bolivian Rosewood Bolivian Rosewood with Hunter, Lowered Bolivian Rosewood Bolivian Rosewood Bolivian Rosewood Bolivian Rosewood, Lowered Bolivian Rosewood Bolivian Rosewood, Mechanism Wheel Bolivian Rosewood Bolivian Rosewood with Topper Bolivian Rosewood Bolivian Rosewood Bolivian Rosewood Bolivian Rosewood with Hunter, Slide Bolivian Rosewood Bolivian Rosewood Side Chair with Wine Bolivian Rosewood Bolivian Rosewood Arm Chair with Wine Bolivian Rosewood Wenge Wenge Wenge Wenge Wenge Wenge Wenge Wenge Wenge Black Walnut Black Walnut Black Walnut Black Walnut Black Walnut Black Walnut Black Walnut Black Walnut


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Each of the tables you see here will be making its way home in the coming weeks, and we’re thrilled to finally be sending them on their way.  But, we must admit, we’re not quite as excited as Prophecy Holder Marcus, the proud owner of Prophecy #12, crafted from Black Poisonwood.
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He had these thoughts to share with us, and we couldn’t keep them to ourselves:


We’re so ready for this I have to use street slang mixed with iambic pentameter to put it into words.


Dost thou knoweth how hurd we is, f’sho. 
Hurd like houngry dawgs? Indeed, say I.


Pretty bad… I know. But I have to pontificate.


Thus begin the sleepless nights. I must wait for a shipping truck to arrive like a father waiting on his late 15 year old daughter out on her first date. Or like a young war wife waiting for her beloved to return from hell half a world away.


So many things could happen. What if the packing gorillas get a hold of her? Some guy on Facebook threatened to steal a truck. Far fetched? Maybe. Accidents happen all of the time, right? Meteors are a serious problem. I work with geologists and they can tell you about some serious catastrophes and many events are predicted for the near geologic future. What if one of these calamities results in getting jilted for a second time?!


The nerves are disproportionately on edge, all things considered.


There are lots of people who see a piece of furniture like this as a frivolous luxury. They think that if you have the money then it’s worth it, but if you don’t, then why even work for it? They see it as something for the fabulously rich, and no one else. Or as an item of simple function, like a stapler or a toaster. Anything cheaper that does the same job is better by nature of economy.


We didn’t need a gaming table with cupholders. Or a gold encrusted folding plastic table to make our friends hate us. For us, there are blood and tears in that money we paid you all. We saved for this because we wanted to entrust someone to make a true masterwork table worthy of enchantment. If it were a D&D Item, you’d find it in the back of the Dungeon Master’s Guide under Wondrous Items.


The thing is, it’s not really a table. It’s the bridge when we play Firefly, it’s a strange moon when we play X-wing, it’s a tavern table on D&D night, and a saloon bartop when we play Doomtown. It’s the most expensive thing I’ve ever felt I’ve stolen – even after paying for it. For my family, and my children, and their children, and their children’s children, it will be at every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Birthday dinner. It will be all those things. Seated around it the most warm and loving memories of a happy life will unfold, night after night. Over time, the experiences will soak right into the grain. And it will turn into a kind of shrine, where we will come to worship the most meaningful relationships in our lives, by making them still better.


We will enchant this table by feeding it some of our best memories and the magic contained therein will create an aura that turns friends into family and family into our dearest friends.


Powerful Magic.


For these reasons, the 12th Prophecy shall be called: The Prophecy of the Disport Sanctum.


Can’t. Wait.

Marcus’ words touched us – particularly the notes about what the table is, and what it represents.  We couldn’t agree more.  The table is where we come to gather and make memories – be it with family or friends.  Sometimes, we sit with others, people we’ve yet to call our friends; nonetheless, by the time we all rise from the table, we may find ourselves calling them just that.

Dinners, gaming sessions, long talks… feeding the body, mind and spirit.  Much of life takes place around the table.  We’re immensely honored when a client chooses a Wyrmwood table to be the stage on which those moments play out.  And we keep that in mind as we build it, so that from the moment it’s begun, the table is something special, something one of a kind.  Though, it can only find its true purpose and power through you.

Powerful magic, indeed.  Thank you, Marcus, for sharing that – and inviting the Prophecy of the Disport Sanctum into your home.

It isn’t just a table – it’s a focal point.  What has been, what is, what is to come.  The Prophecy Gaming Table.

Contact us today to find out more.