In celebration of our Valentine’s Day Elvish Dice Vaults, we’re offering a giveaway for a one-of-a-kind masterwork gift set, dubbed the “Til Death Do Us Part” Collection, in honor of both sides – and sentiments – of our Valentine’s offerings. The set contains three unique items: a Master Vault, Mechanical Pencil, and hand-painted Miniature (dice are not included). See below for full details on each part of the set.

How to win the “Til Death Do Us Part” Collection

A winner will be drawn from all of the entries received, from January 15th until the end of the Valentine’s Day promotional period. Entries are granted via two methods:

  • Three entries are granted for purchasing one or more of our Valentine’s Day Elvish Dice Vaults (see below). Note that you will receive one entry per email/name/address during this period – not one entry per order.
  • One entry will be granted to you for retweeting or sharing our social media posts about the giveaway: Facebook Twitter Instagram (maximum of one entry per platform per person allowed)

Winners will be drawn once the promotion has ended, and contacted individually with the details.

I. The Master Vault

The Master Vault, crafted by Liz Hastings, features an inlaid dragon skull of sand-shaded Holly, with a sword piercing it crafted from Blue Mahoe, for the blade, and Cocobolo for the hilt. The Calla Lily, a symbol of death and mourning, completes the scene, with blossoms in Purpleheart, Yellowheart, Holly and Argentine Lignum Vitae. The scene is all set into a backdrop of Figured Myrtle on a Purpleheart Master Vault.

II. The Mechanical Pencil

Once the Master Vault is opened, we find two contributions from Michelle Wetherbee. The Mechanical Pencil is crafted of Tagua Nut, also known as “vegetable ivory” due to its strong resemblance to animal ivory. This material, harvested from the seeds of certain palm trees, is sometimes used by scrimshaw carvers as a substitute for bone.

III. The Miniature

Michelle also painted the miniature found within, a Warhammer piece, part of the Lumineth Realm Lords, which pay homage to the traditional High Elves. Finely detailed, this miniature completes the set, a true marriage of dark and light themes, perfect to celebrate our own mixed, conflicted relationship with the Valentine’s Day holiday – as well as our Elvish association with it.

Our Valentine’s Day Elvish Dice Vaults

Back by popular demand, our Elvish Dice Vaults have returned once again for Valentine’s Day! Choose between three unique wood and inlay pairings that perfectly evoke your feelings – be it love, or hatred. Complete with a custom text engraving, your message will be professionally translated into Quenya Elvish by professional linguist & Tolkien-language scholar Fiona Jallings of

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