Hello all,

It’s the beginning of July! Let’s check in and review our progress.

Key Takeaways

  • We’re going to move away a bit from the very detailed numerical breakdown of how many orders are at each step of the process. We wanted to share it early on, to show the progression and progress, but now that things are flowing smoothly, we’re going to be a bit more high-level with these updates to avoid crowding them with largely irrelevant numbers.
  • Currently, shipping is still proceeding well, with weekly pickups from our carriers to get the Desks out.
  • We’ve heard of a few minor issues with hardware, which we’re working to resolve, mostly dealing with incorrectly picked and packed hardware, with some clients getting a bit of extra hardware, and some missing items. Thankfully these are easily resolved problems, and the customers impacted have gotten what they needed, but we’ll be resolving this at the core to make sure it doesn’t keep happening.
  • With things generally going well, we’re aiming to push more production through to increase our shipping numbers. That said, we did have an incident recently where a major machine went down, and – unfortunately – still is down. However, we’ve created a workaround, and it’s not negatively impacted our throughput. We missed one round of shipping pickups due to the hiccup, but it proved to be more of a speed bump than a wall, and we’ve already caught back up to where we would have been had it never taken place.
  • The team working on Modular Desk is currently also working on a few specialty items for Gen Con this year. It isn’t taking up much bandwidth, as it’s literally only a few pieces of furniture, but it has been splitting their focus for a couple of weeks. That work will be completed in the next couple of weeks, which will free them up to focus on increasing Desk production full-time.
  • The PC Tower Mount is still on track for a delivery in late July.
  • The Monitor Ledge remains in development, which has been slowed down due to Jason having to work on the downed machine. But progress is being made and it will be done soon.
  • Incidentally, we mentioned Gen Con earlier; if you’ll be at the convention, we’d love to say hello – swing by and take a look at what we’ve got on display. Of particular interest to those of you waiting for your orders, we’ll have production-model Modular Desks on display! If you’ve seen a Modular Desk at a convention, it’s been an early prototype, which has been out of date for a long time. They also had aftermarket stands that we purchased for testing purposes, not our custom-designed stands. The Modular Desk models in the booth at Gen Con in August will be final production models, fully representative of what you’ll receive. So if you’d like a preview of what’s headed your way, be sure to stop by the booth, #2719.
  • If you’ve moved since placing your order, or will be soon, get in touch to let us know! We want to make sure your Modular Desk reaches you safe and sound, so please keep your address with us up to date. It’s important to note that if you’ve updated your address through WyrmwoodGaming.com, this does not affect orders you’ve already placed! The only way to change the address of a placed order is by contacting us directly, so drop us a line at sales@wyrmwoodgaming.com if you need us to change that.

Next Update: July 15th

As always, we’d like to thank you for your patience with the process as we work to ship out an ever-increasing volume of Desks week over week. We appreciate your support, and we’ll be back on the 15th to give you the latest news on how the production and fulfillment are proceeding.

~ Ed Maranville, Customer Experience at Wyrmwood