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Wooden Wyrmwood Gift Cards are STILL AVAILABLE for Christmas Delivery. CLICK HERE

Holiday Shipping for our ‘Winter of Wyrmwood” deals has been closed for 2018.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  The deals are still available, but all new orders are estimated to ship in January 2019 at this time.  Thank you for your overwhelming support!


During this winter, Wyrmwood is pulling out all the stops to offer great promotions, including limited items, giveaways, bonuses like free and discounted shipping, flash sales, free gift cards with purchases, and lots more! You can find links to all of the deals below.  Check back here often to see what’s live and when the next deals are going to arrive!  Scroll down for all the details on what we have to offer, and see why this truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

Of course, there may be a few surprises along the way… winter is a fickle mistress, after all…

For more on what the Winter of Wyrmwood is all about, watch the video below, or scroll down to get straight to the deals!


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Starting Thanksgiving (Thursday, November 22)


Winter of Wyrmwood Offers: Accessories


Roll The Dice – A fan favorite returns!  A chance to own our most luxurious woods at a modest price, Roll The Dice items feature a specific product in a randomly selected wood.  They’re great for when you can’t decide on a wood, don’t have a preference, or are looking for a gift.  Most Roll The Dice offers also include a custom text engraving.  During the entire Winter of Wyrmwood, Roll The Dice will be available on Hero VaultsDice Vaults, Tabletop Dice Trays, Deck Boxes & Roleplayer’s Gift Sets.

Availability: while supplies last



Game Master Screen – We know a lot of you have been waiting for this! We will have a very limited number of Game Master Screen sets available for sale.  These consist of overstock from our Kickstarter fulfillment, and will be configured into sets and sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Availability: while supplies last



Flash Sales – Popping up throughout the Winter of Wyrmwood will be flash sales on Dice Vaults, Tabletop Trays and Roleplayer’s Gift Sets in selected custom shop woods not regularly available.

Availability: while supplies last, for a limited time


Winter of Wyrmwood Offers: Furniture


In addition to the accessory credit during the BLIZZARD, any deposit placed on a Prophecy Gaming Table or Sojourn Gaming Table during the entire Winter of Wyrmwood will enter you into a drawing.  One winner will be selected to receive a matching set of Wyrmwood Gaming chairs with their table, absolutely free!  If you’ve been thinking about joining the build queue for a Wyrmwood Gaming table, there’s never been a better time!



25 Days of Giveaways

On our Facebook page, beginning December 1st, we will be offering a new giveaway each day.  Winners will be announced the following day, when the next giveaway is posted.  Be sure to check back each day so you don’t miss your chance to win!

Details & Deadlines


Shipping Cutoff for Delivery by December 24th

November 27th – International Shipping (In Stock Items Only)

November 27th – Domestic Shipping (All Orders)


We have cut off our holiday delivery orders early this year, which may cause some disappointment or inconvenience; we apologize if that’s the case, but due to the handcrafted nature of our work, pieces take time to create, and we did not want to accept sales, promising to deliver by a deadline we could not meet.  We are working on alternatives for those of you looking for a gift, including paper or digital gift certificates.  We thank you for your understanding, and appreciate your overwhelming support!


Stopping acceptance of orders for holiday delivery will allow us to deliver all outstanding orders to the post office no later than December 20th of this year.  Please note that this the USPS suggested cutoff date, and they are not guaranteed in the event of weather incidents, higher shipping volume than expected, etc.  We guarantee that all orders placed before the above cutoff dates will be given to the postal service in time for them to make delivery before the 24th.  Volume is expected to be very high for the holiday season, so if you want to be sure of delivery in time, you should order as early as possible! Thank you for your understanding.


The BLIZZARD occurs from Thanksgiving Day, November 22nd, to Monday, November 26th.  It may occur during other periods in the Winter of Wyrmwood; if so, it will be announced on this page.  Free $50 Gift Card offer applicable to orders with $200 or more in non-gift certificate products.  BLIZZARD offers of free dice, free booster packs available while supplies last. 

One (1) winner will be selected for the $500 Gift Card giveaway from all orders placed during each 24 hour period in which our Best Deals remain live.  Free dice will be randomly selected from available inventory.

Roll The Dice orders will be randomly selected and each product may or may not match.  Roleplayer’s Gift Sets will always consist of a matching Dice Vault and Tabletop Dice Tray.  We will be unable to notify you of your selection ahead of time.  Odds displayed are approximate and exact ratio will vary based on production.

Free set of chairs will include two (2) Arm Chairs with hinged seat option and four (4) Side Chairs with the Sojourn Gaming Table, or six (6) with the Prophecy Gaming Table.  Chairs will ship with the completed table, and will be crafted from the same wood as your table.  Fabric options can be selected at no additional charge.  Accent woods, and hinged seat option on Side Chairs available for additional charge.

$500 Accessory credit to be credited on future payments, to be applied to any accessories desired.