Wyrmwood is a small, customer-focused company founded by three friends, whose mission is to deliver exceptional craftsmanship and high quality materials to the tabletop gaming community.

Company Culture

Wyrmwood is committed to judging people by the quality of the craft they produce and their commitment to the art of woodworking. The creation and appreciation of craft is universal. Therefore we do not discriminate based on age, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender identity or disability. If you are a committed craftsman, work hard, and create lasting objects of beauty: you are speaking our language.

In addition, we believe people should be allowed to be people, even in the workplace.  There are few things as universally reviled as the corporate world, and this is in large part due to policies that try to separate the company from the human beings that comprise it, and turn employees into mere functions.  We believe that people are happiest and most productive when allowed to be themselves.  For what this looks like in action, view Wyrm Lyfe on YouTube.

Who We Are


Douglas Costello Lead Designer, Master Woodworker, CEO, Founder

Ian Costello Lead Master Woodworker, Designer, Founder

Edward Maranville Gamer in Chief, Sales, Designer, Customer Service, Founder

Jason MacDonald Head of Furniture Development, Designer
Nick Trepanier CFO
Bobby Downey Creative Director

John Paquette Design Apprentice & Development Team
J Kenyon Head of Production
Christopher Gates Convention Manager
Zoé Jackson Journeyman Woodworker
Anthony Feneter Journeyman Craftsman
Tony Pasciuto Milling Master
Paul Karamanian Community Manager
Glenn Riccio Milling Master
Paul Strollo Milling Master
Karl Terry Furniture Journeyman
Chris Bennett Custom Shop Craftsman
Cameron Towne Furniture Journeyman
Ryan Donavan Quality Control
Kimberly Alpert Shipping

Adam Furniture Journeyman
Cesia Zamora Marquetry Master, Development Team
Jordan Convention Specialist
Quinn QC Final Boss
Jeremy Furniture Journeyman
Josh Furniture Journeyman
Paige Hollis Kendall Inlay Specialist
Zack Lufkin Social Media & Relationship Manager
Michelle Wetherbee Pencil Druid & Development Team
David Chippendale Logistics & Inventory
Michael Gedgaudas Logistics & Inventory
Mary Antanavica Customer Service
David Piche Dice Vault Druid
Jessica Glovsky Apprentice Woodworker

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