Our Story

Wyrmwood is a small, customer-focused company, born from the passion of three friends, dedicated to bringing extraordinary craftsmanship, unique innovations, and peerless service to the tabletop gaming community and beyond.

Our Mission

We solve problems you didn’t know you had


With craftsmanship you thought had gone away


While providing service you didn’t think you could get


About Us

Wyrmwood was founded by childhood friends Douglas Costello and Ed Maranville, with Doug’s older brother, Ian Costello, joining shortly thereafter. First launched on Etsy in 2012, early prototypes were tested with friends and family at weekly game nights.

Snowballing quickly with an often unbelievable journey through conventions and Kickstarters, Wyrmwood grew rapidly as the leader in premium tabletop gaming accessories. This success culminated in the release of the Prophecy Gaming Table, followed by the Modular Gaming Table, both of which redefined the gaming furniture market.

Through over 10 years and more than 20 Kickstarter campaigns, Wyrmwood has left a lasting impact on the tabletop gaming landscape, but at our core we’re just excited that we get to create fun and innovative products that bring people together.

Whether you’re playing your favorite game or just sitting down to dinner with the family; whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long time fan – Wyrmwood is committed to elevating your experience, and we are honored to be a guest at your next gathering.

Douglas Costello


Ed Maranville

Head of CX

Ian Costello


Sourcing & Sustainability

Wood, being a natural product, has a lifecycle and its consumption can sometimes outpace its growth. Our mission in bringing people together through our craft would not be possible without the forests of the world, so maintaining those forests for future generations is essential to that mission.

Click here to learn more about our sustainability efforts.

See What People Say About Us

Wyrmwood has garnered recognition and acclaim from a variety of reputable sources, including prominent platforms like Polygon, Kotaku, GeekDad, and many others. Now, let’s take a moment to share some of the commendations and feedback we’ve received from these respected voices about our work.

Designs Without Compromise

Wyrmwood is committed to excellence in craft, service, and design. While it seems there is an ever-accelerating push in the world towards making things cheaper, more disposable, more quickly, paying as little as possible for materials and labor to do it. We firmly reject this approach.

Wyrmwood designs products that will stand the test of time, with strong innovations and a dedicated team of American craftspeople that work to bring them to reality.

When you purchase a piece from Wyrmwood, you are supporting American manufacturing, quality goods, and the art of woodworking.

Designs Made To Last

Wyrmwood builds products to endure. A purchase from Wyrmwood should serve you faithfully, ideally for a lifetime. While we innovate to address the problems of modern living, we strive to keep our designs timeless.

Craftsman’s Promise

Wyrmwood stands behind our work, and if a Wyrmwood product ever lets you down, we want to know about it so that we can make it right. We call this our Craftsman’s Promise, and it has been a cornerstone of our philosophy since our very inception. While the specifics have evolved as our product lines have expanded and grown, the core belief remains, and still guides our customer service and design today.

To read all about our policies and how they apply to all of our products, click here:

Media Inquiries

For all press and partnership inquiries, kindly reach out to our Relationship Manager Bobby at: bobby@wyrmwoodgaming.com

Contact Center

For questions and comments regarding your order or shopping experience, contact us through Customer Service.