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Welcome! This page is the home of key information about the Wyrmwood Modular Desk. Whether you’ve already placed your deposit and claimed your spot in line, or you’re still considering and would like to learn more about what the Modular Desk has to offer, and how the project is proceeding, you’re in the right place.

New posts will be published here on a twice monthly basis, with news about the project, production and fulfillment, creating a repository of information about the Modular Desk, available on our website 24/7.

This initial post is compiling a couple of key videos demonstrating the functionality of the Modular Desk, as well as details concerning the structure of the project and our transition from a Kickstarter campaign to the website. Ultimately, an extended rollout on the website proved a better fit for the project than a highly limited, brief Kickstarter campaign.

In the following excerpt from our YouTube series Wyrm Lyfe, filmed shortly after the cancellation of the campaign, we discussed several of the customer requests and questions that we’d received during the campaign, confirming that several key requests would be realized, and explaining why some hadn’t been yet. You can look forward to more details on all of this in future updates.