MGT Accessories

A huge collection of accessories to upgrade your table as you see fit, from cup holders to hobby vaults and more, your game nights will be better than ever before! These accessories either pair with our magnetic rails, our toppers, or are a pleasant upgrade to the gaming & dining experience.

New accessory orders ship Spring 2024

For Toppers

For Dining

Large Cup Holder

Small Cup Holder

Nested Large
Cup Holder

Nested Small
Cup Holder

Mug Holder

Cork Coasters

Brewski Buddy

Magnetic Tablecloth Pin System

For Game Night

Player Desk

Component Organizer

Nested Component

Corner Dice Tray

Card Organizer

Poker Chip Holder

Tracker Block

For Devices

Player Power Pack

Controller Caddy

Headphone Stand

Universal Hanger

For Devices

Standard Hobby Vault

Wide Hobby Vault

Hobby Shelf

End Caps

Tracker Caps

Artist Caps

Silicone Inserts

For The Vault

Felt Play Surfaces

Neoprene Mats


Acrylic Overlays

Wet-Erase Markers

Wet-Erase Cleaner

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