DM Screen Magnetic Plate


Product Description

The MagPlate, as you might expect, is a magnetic plate. When affixed to the GM side of your panel, it allows you to connect magnetic components across the entire surface – including all Trackers from our RPG Tracking System! In addition to all that, we’ve developed several Master Tracker components: tools that any Game Master will love to have in their arsenal! These include the Player Tracker, Monster Tracker, Legendary Foe Tracker and a Conditions Tracker. Available in your choice of FULL or HALF size, depending on whether or not you want to utilize our Acrylic Panel on the same Panel.

Woods of Wyrmwood

We use a variety of woods from around the world in the creation of our products. Not only is respecting the wood important to us, educating your customers about the material is important too.

Dimensions & Weight

Weight6 oz