Prismatic Glass Dice

Known more technically as dichroic glass, Prismatic Glass is among the most stunning materials we offer. While the roots of this material date all the way back to the 4th century, we have none other than NASA to thank for its modern form, who developed it for use in special light filters. The glass is created with thin layers of metal film inserted within it, which filter light and result in shifting colors, which change depending on lighting conditions. A fascinating combination of art and science.


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Gemstone and glass dice by Wyrmwood can provide a touch of luxury to any game night. All sets include our logo in place of the “6” on each d6.

Due to the nature of gemstone and glass, we recommend rolling these dice by hand, one at a time, into a dice tray or other soft surface (not directly onto a tabletop). They are best stored with care in their container to avoid chipping. To protect AND showcase them, consider a Dice Vault or Master Vault.

Finally, while photos are representative of what you can expect, understand that as individual crafted items, gemstone and glass dice may exhibit some variation in appearance.

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Weight 6 oz
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