The Wyrmwood Chair

The Wyrmwood chair is a design years in the making, with several options allowing you to choose the best fit for your family or gaming group. It all begins with the seat, which comes in your choice of wood or padded upholstery. A seat crafted in matching, contoured wood creates a uniform, traditional piece; alternatively, the seat can be luxuriously upholstered with our durable microfiber in a color of your choice. This option allows you to match your chair cushion to the fabric of your Wyrmwood Prophecy, or select another color for a pleasing contrast. Whatever option you choose, the Wyrmwood chair will provide the comfort and support you need for long hours at the table.

Built In Storage

The Wyrmwood chair features another pleasant surprise: a hidden compartment beneath the seat! Storage is always useful, especially at the game table, where space comes at a premium. Modern board games and role playing games feature expansive boards, a multitude of components, maps, and more, making every inch of table space valuable. Smart storage allows you to stash rule books, reference guides, even a game or two close at hand, cutting down on the clutter and keeping things out of your way while still in easy reach. Of course, the usefulness of storage isn’t limited to gaming – extra place settings, crafting supplies and more can also comfortably reside under the seat.

Ergonomic Profile

The thoughtful design continues into the back of the chair. An elegantly curved profile provides valuable ergonomic support. Many dining chair designs, which are primarily intended for short periods of use, neglect this consideration, but we know that gaming chairs will be used more intensively over the years, often for hours at a time. Poor support may not be noticeable at first, but over time could contribute to bad posture and negative health consequences. As with everything Wyrmwood, our chair is designed with a lifetime of use in mind, and built to enhance your experience, be it for a few minutes, or several hours, for many years to come.

Wood Options

Fabric Options

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