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Hobby Shelf Inserts by Wyrmwood

Hobby Shelf Inserts


All inserts are made of food-grade silicone, and are top-rack dishwasher safe

Felt Play Surface by Wyrmwood

Felt Play Surface


Choose from 10 colors

Card Organizer by Wyrmwood

Card Organizer


Frees your hand from your hands

Hobby Shelf End Caps by Wyrmwood

Hobby Shelf End Caps


The finishing touch for your Hobby Shelf

Small Cup Holder by Wyrmwood

Small Cup Holder


Supports bottles, cans, and stemware. Removable, dishwasher safe insert

Large Cup Holder by Wyrmwood

Large Cup Holder


Supports pint glasses, bottles and more. Removable, dishwasher safe insert

Universal Hanger by Wyrmwood

Universal Hanger


A safe spot for your headphones, bag, and more

Hobby Shelf by Wyrmwood

Hobby Shelf


Unlock the true potential of your Modular Table

Modular Table - Topper Block by Wyrmwood

Modular Table - Topper Block


Store your Toppers in style