Hello all!

The mid-point of December is here, it’s time to check in on the project and get the latest information.

Key Takeaways

  • The frame order remains in progress. We have heard no indication that there are any issues with the production or timeline, so this is still expected to arrive towards the end of this month, or beginning of January. As is often the case in industrial manufacturing, no news is good news.
  • We have sent the final items for the full Desk model to be used in the assembly video to Pennsylvania for finishing. All components are being made exactly as we will make yours, to ensure that everything in the video will be applicable to you, and as a test of these processes. They are going well, and we have no reason to expect production problems at this time.
  • We’ve spent a lot of time on the design, development, process engineering and planning for this project. While this has delayed release, it has resulted in the process for going into production going very smoothly, and we anticipate this paying significant dividends once we reach production and shipping in a couple of weeks. It will not only allow us to produce more efficiently and quickly, but it will minimize any issues experienced after delivery, so we do consider this time well spent. We look forward to delivering you the best desks we can produce!
  • Desks are planned to ship via UPS, primarily, with the exception of XL Desktops, which are too large for UPS to accept. We have a carrier that we work with to take our larger items, and the XL Desktops will be sent with this carrier. We may or may not split orders containing the XL Desktop between carriers, if it would make shipping more cost-effective – this determination is still being made.
  • We expect to have inventory flowing in around the time the frames arrive, and should be shipping towards the latter half of of January, if not sooner.
  • The Tower Mount and Mount Mount are in development, and shouldn’t take much time or bandwidth to wrap up and move forward. We don’t anticipate any big changes, certainly not on the functionality or overall appearance. We will have a bit of sourcing and ordering to do for the relevant parts, but we hope to provide you with more details on availability and release soon.
  • If you’ve moved since placing your order, or will be soon, get in touch to let us know! We want to make sure your Modular Desk reaches you safe and sound, so please keep your address with us up to date. It’s important to note that if you’ve updated your address through WyrmwoodGaming.com, this does not affect orders you’ve already placed! The only way to change the address of a placed order is by contacting us directly, so drop us a line at sales@wyrmwoodgaming.com if you need us to change that.

Next Update: 2024!

As we close out the year, I’d like to thank you once again for your patience and support of this project. The journey to bring the desks into production has been a long one, and extraordinarily complex. We feel that we have never been so prepared for release with any of our prior offerings, and we’re proud of the end result. We can’t wait to bring it to you very soon, early in the new year.

Until then, thank you again, and we wish you and yours all the best during this holiday season.

~ Ed Maranville, Customer Experience at Wyrmwood