Candle Light by WyrmwooD

Happy Valentine’s Day, love birds!

Every year, in the spirit of the holiday, Wyrmwood partners up with a collaborator on a limited time collection of pieces. The exact items vary, but they’re designed to be a token of love… be it romance, friendship, or self-love. This year, we’re partnering with Cantrip Candles to make this Valentine’s one to remember!

As woodworkers, we’re very familiar with one of the best features of products made from wood; the scent. While being worked, each species of wood reveals a unique aroma; to know them is to discover a secret, to connect with the material in a new way. These fragrances extend to the finished product, and many of our customers have come to love this aspect of our work, as well.

This Valentine’s Day, we’re making it simple to savor the scintillating scents of some of our signature species. From the workshop floor to your home, we bring you Candle Light by Wyrmwood, a collection of three special candles. Whether you want to lend a touch of ambience to a romantic dinner, enhance the sensory experience in your next D&D session, or simply enjoy the charm of a scented candle while relaxing in your home, this set features a perfect companion for you. Let’s take a look at all three candles - each of which is inspired by a variety of wood Wyrmwood has worked with in the past:

Cherry Blossom

Full of the earthy tones you’d expect from cherry heartwood, this candle also offers a hint of sweetness, as befitting the wood of a fruit tree. If you pine for sweet things, Cherry Blossom may be the candle for you.

Aromatic Cedar

While most woods have a scent, few are named for it! Strong and recognizable, genuine cedar is at the forefront here, with a dash of sea salt added for good measure. A strong, masculine candle, Aromatic Cedar beckons the bold.

Jade Sandalwood

Near and dear to our hearts, we’ve based Jade Sandalwood on the unforgettable scent of the rare and exotic Argentine Lignum Vitae. Notes of vetiver, cornflower, and iris swirl together to create something special. If you prefer a floral, delicate scent, Jade Sandalwood makes an excellent choice.

But these candles are more than meets the eye (or nose). While they certainly can add some romance to your Valentine’s evening, they’ve been designed with a second purpose in mind: roleplaying ambience for your next D&D session! Wherever your adventuring party is headed, be it a smokey tavern, an enchanted forest, or an old, abandoned library, Cantrip has a candle for you. Just pop off the lid, light the wick, and in a few moments you’ll be elsewhere… like magic!

Enhance Your Gameplay

With the Wyrmwood collection, we wanted to go even further, and so each candle not only calls to mind a wood we’ve used, but a roleplaying destination, as well. And you’ll learn all about each destination: a complete write up and custom artwork are all available for download so you can bring the world your candle conjures up to life in your game.

Artwork done by Randall Hampton.

The Shimmering Vale

A peaceful valley, The Shimmering Vale hosts a magnificent cherry blossom tree at the side of a small, tranquil lake. The cherry blossom towers over the valley, shedding constantly and giving the impression that the pale, pink petals comprise the very ground of the valley. When the sun sets, the petals cast reflections, ultimately resulting in a breathtaking effect: the ground itself seems to be shimmering from the cliffs surrounding it. Many have come to witness this sight, but those who enter the vale come out confused and disoriented, unable to recall exactly why they entered in the first place. But...surely it will be different for you.

The Cedar Lodge

A warm, inviting inn atop a snowy mountain. The inn is made entirely from enchanted cedar wood, giving it a lovely smell at all times of day. Reserving a room is often difficult; the place always seems to be full, and those who do manage to secure lodging develop two things: the belief that the property is magical… and a desire to never leave.

Artwork done by Randall Hampton.

Artwork done by Randall Hampton.

Cottage in the Woods

Down a long, winding path in the forest sits a single cottage. Beautiful flowers sprout from trees unlike any that anyone has seen before. The winding path ends in a small clearing, those same floral trees surrounding the clearing. A light floral smell has been present the whole time, but stepping into the clearing causes it to become very strong. Inside the cabin is an alchemist, brewing potions and tinctures. She's been known to provide healing for the nearby village, as well as provide alchemical solutions for most other problems they're facing.

A Golden Ticket For you and yours

Three random candles hold a golden Wyrmwood Shield charm, hidden under the lid. If, when you open your candle, you see our logo looking up at you - congratulations! Your Valentine’s Day has become very special, indeed. You will be the proud owner of a Wyrmwood Gaming Table, as well as one of each scented candle offered by Cantrip Candles!

A charming, fragrant home that welcomes you and yours, and a place to gather round and create new memories. What prize could be more perfectly suited to a celebration of love?

Contest Details:

All winners will be able to choose any variation of a
Modular Gaming Table or Prophecy Gaming Table (up to $15,000 value).
All winners will receive one of each scented Cantrip Candle offered.
Must place order before 2/10 to qualify. U.S. & Canada only.
Winners reach out to

Want another way to enter?

Toss a coin to your local bard

We couldn’t sit back and let Cantrip have all of the fun! Making its way to our Classic Adventuring Party lineup is: BARD. Crafted from Ebony and one of our signature scents - Aromatic Cedar.