Wyrmwood & Cantrip Candles are collaborating again, with three more enticing aromas to make your next special evening even more memorable! Set the stage for a romantic, intimate evening, or draw your friends in for an ambient adventure – the choice is yours. Whatever your plans may be, flickering candlelight and a welcoming fragrance will make it perfect.

New For This Season

7 oz. Includes stylized dust cover and brass d6 with the Wyrmwood logo at bottom of candle.


Contains notes of Teakwood & Sea Salt.

Golden Pine

Contains notes of Pine, Clay & Cedar


Contains notes of Honey, Tonka & Cedar

The Collection So Far

10 oz. Includes cork topper and features a longer burn time.


Contains notes of Red Cedar & Sea Salt

Cherry Blossom

Contains notes of Cherries & Aged Wood

Jade Sandalwood

Contains notes of Vetiver, Cornflower & Iris

Iced Sweets

Contains notes of Cinnamon, Butter, and Sugar Cookies

A Golden Opportunity

To celebrate the release of our new candles, we present a new candle giveaway! Three randomly selected candles in the new scents each hold a golden Wyrmwood Shield charm. If, when you open your new candle, you should find a golden shield looking up at you – congratulations! Your Valentine’s Day has become very special, indeed; you’ll have just been granted a Wyrmwood Gaming Table!

Each charm signifies a pledge on our upcoming Modular Gaming Table Kickstarter. You’ll receive credit towards a new table, as well as entry into our first wave of shipping. See below for details.

So choose one of our candles this Valentine’s, and let the charming fragrance and soothing candlelight enhance your home for you and yours. What’s more, you have the opportunity to win a brand new table, perfect for gathering around, sharing and creating memories, with friends and family, those near and dear to you.

Could there be a better way to celebrate love than that?

Contest Details:

All winners will be entered into the upcoming Modular Gaming Table Kickstarter campaign and receive a credit of $2,500. Winners will be entered into the first delivery wave of the Kickstarter (fulfillment date TBD).
U.S. & Canada only. Winners reach out to sales@wyrmwoodgaming.com

Want another way to enter?

The Modular Gaming Table is available to pre-order NOW! 🎲   Learn More