Hello everyone!

Let’s check in to see how things are progressing since we last spoke, at the beginning of the month.

Key Takeaways

  • The Desktop is at the “alpha” stage, though we are waiting on one element – the magnetic rail – due to our tooling needing a slight change. We should have that sorted in about a week, and we don’t anticipate any problems verifying the completed alpha and moving into a beta run shortly after that.
  • The frame is functional and mounts properly to the desktop, so that’s looking great. There are a couple minor details to confirm with the frame manufacturer, and then we’ll be able to place the order. One exciting element of this frame is the availability of a battery unit, which will allow your sit-stand desk to be powered wirelessly! We’re planning to make this available after launch, so you’ll be able to add this accessory to your Modular Desk a bit later if desired.
  • The cable management system is currently around 75% to 80% engineered, with most of the remaining work being fine tuning and tweaks. We expect to move into alpha on that in the next 1-2 weeks. There have been no major design changes, but all of the engineering and development needed to be redone due to the slight changes necessitated by the frame. As we’ve reviewed in prior updates, the cubbies are the first item to sync with the frame and design, which allows us to then move on to the desktop. Finally, the cable management component is engineered to fit these other components. This means that the cable management system is the final step in major Modular Desk component development.
  • Shipping is still anticipated to tentatively begin in 3-6 weeks. The main limiting factor in shipping will be the arrival of the frames, which we’re aiming to order very soon – very likely by the end of July. With that done, we should have a firm ETA on the initial order, which will tell us when we can begin shipping the earliest orders. You can expect more solid information on this in the next update on August 1st.
  • Lastly, we’re working on a few surprise accessories and features, but these aren’t ready to be unveiled yet. We are being careful to ensure that all new features and accessories will be backwards compatible with the Modular Desk design, so they’ll be available to all of you once they come out.
  • With the remaining work and time to fulfillment rapidly narrowing, I’ve removed the timeline estimate from this update; in August, we hope to be able to lay out a more meaningful fulfillment timeline for everyone, once firm ETAs for the frame are in and we wrap up all development and turn solely to the matter of shipping and fulfillment.

Next Update: August 1st

Thank you for your support and patience of this exciting shift in the catalog of Wyrmwood, into a different type of furniture. The next update will arrive on August 1st, and I hope to have the end of development in sight, and good news regarding shipping and fulfillment. Thank you, and have a good one out there!

~ Ed Maranville, Customer Experience at Wyrmwood