Hello everyone!

This time, it’s back to business as usual with a low-key update – sorry for the disappointment! However, we’re moving in the right direction and on pace with everything we talked about last time. Let’s take a quick look at this mod-month check in:

Key Takeaways

  • The timeline we discussed in the last update is still accurate, meaning we’re on track to be shipping orders by around the 6 week mark.
  • The Cubby we looked at last week passed the test, and we’re programming all of the other cubby variants to fully build out the system based on that.
  • Desktops have been prepared for CNC, but not yet physically produced, though Jason will be moving onto that shortly.
  • The custom frame shown last time has been assembled, and we have the final hardware list set that will be required with our system.

The Modular Desk: Timeline Update

Note that this is a “zoomed out” overview, meant to give a broad impression, rather than a super granular take. The nature of reality with complex projects is that the more granular a timeline is, the less likely it is to remain accurate.

  • June: Engineering and final design changes made, production beginning on all products, components and accessories.
  • July: Frames arrive, fulfillment officially begins.

Next Update: July 1st

While this one isn’t eventful, we’re still keeping pace and moving in the directions discussed last time, which is positive. We thank you for your patience and support as we continue working through the project development and into fulfillment proper.

I’ll be back on the 1st to provide the latest news and updates. Thank you for helping us bring the Modular Desk to life, and being among the first to own one.

~ Ed Maranville, Customer Experience at Wyrmwood