Hello everyone!

I’m back with your mid-May check-in. Let’s review the progress of the past few weeks.

Order Finalization & Payment Process

  • Well, at long last, the finalization process rolled out, with everyone now having been invited to complete their order.
  • The process is going well, but was not without some hiccups from unplanned changes to the configurator. We’ve resolved these issues, so anyone that delayed finalizing because of these, you’re cleared to return! Of course, we apologize for anyone that experienced confusion or problems when visiting the first time.
  • A deadline has been set for finalizing of 5/19 – please be sure to visit the site and confirm your order by this date to maintain your position in the build queue.
  • For other details concerning finalization, please review the invitation email. Of course, if you haven’t received that email, please reach out and let us know immediately: Sales@WyrmwoodGaming.com

Project Progress & Development

  • Custom frame samples have been ordered, and are in fact en route to the shop now. We expect them to arrive later this week. We’ll be checking on these, and also exploring the idea of some add-on accessory options for the frame, to be further discussed at a later date.
  • Engineering and CAD on the Cubbies is being wrapped up, and we should be assembling the alpha prototypes this week, as well.
  • Alpha products will be constructed using the same materials and workflow as the final production models, with the finger-jointer now fully operational. This should eliminate most potential “surprises” in the transition from alpha model to full production.

The Modular Desk: Timeline Update

Note that this is a “zoomed out” overview, meant to give a broad impression, rather than a super granular take. The nature of reality with complex projects is that the more granular a timeline is, the less likely it is to remain accurate.

  • May: Most orders finalized, engineering and final design changes made, production beginning on all products, components and accessories.
  • Early June: Frames arrive, fulfillment begins: the first orders are likely to ship in early June.

Moving Forward

With finalizations coming in, the order frame sample on the way, and the alpha products moving towards production, we’re perilously close to production and fulfillment.

~ Ed Maranville, Customer Experience at Wyrmwood